"My life is a small price to pay, considering what I've done."
Applefur to Ivypool in The Last Hope page 290

Applefur is a mottled brown she-cat.

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Living (as of The Last Hope)




Mother- Tallpoppy

Brothers- Marshkit, Toadfoot


Kit- Applekit

Apprentice (most likely)- Applepaw

Warrior- Applefur


Mother- Tallpoppy

Brothers- Marshkit, Toadfoot


The New prophecy Series


Her and her two brothers appear as kits. Their mother is Tallpoppy.

She is seen fleeing the ShadowClan camp while it is being destroyed.

Later on the great journey, her and her siblings make friends with Birchkit, a ThunderClan kit. Their mothers, Ferncloud and Tallpoppy, seem to get along too.


When the clans find their new home, Tallpoppy guides them down a slope to sit down beside the lake.

Applekit is seen with her siblings playing with Birchkit. Ferncloud tells Birchkit that he must sleep if they were to go to the Hollow the next day. Birchkit asks if Tallpoppy and her kits could come and Tallpoppy explained they were from two different clans. The four kits huddle together like they never wanted to be seperated. Applekit touches noses with Birchkit before she leaves.

In the Power of Three Series


Birchfall remembers his three best friends on the great journey were Applekit, Toadkit, and Marshkit.

While on his way to the mountains, Brambleclaw points out a bush where Applekit had fallen on the great journey.

In the Omen of the Star Series

The Fourth Apprentice & Fading Echoes

Applefur is listed in the allegiances but she does not make a formal appearance.

Night Whispers

Applefur is discussing with her clanmates ways to make their battle tactics better against ThunderClan. She suggests looking up so when the ThunderClan warriors jump out of the trees, they can jump out of the way.

Applefur and Smokefoot are on a patrol when they find Tigerheart, Dovepaw, and Ivypaw on their territory and capture Ivypaw.

Sign of the Moon

She is only seen once, training in the Dark Forest

The Forgotten Warrior

Jayfeather walks into Cinderheart's memories as Cinderpelt and sees Applefur as a kit on the great journey.

In the Field Guide Series

Secrets of the Clans

Birchpaw talks about seeing Applekit and her siblings at his first gathering.


The Erin Hunters had forgotten about Applefur until the Fourth Apprentice where she was listed in the front as a warrior

She is mistakenly called a tom in Night Whispers