An apprentice is a cat who is at least six moons old, they have a mentor. They are training to become a warrior. A medicine cat apprentice will train to be a medicine cat. A warrior's apprentice will learn how to hunt and fight, join border patrols, and sometimes help out the medicine cat, they also have to clean out the nursery, clean out the elders' den and take care of the elders. Back in the old forest an apprentice would have to travel to the Moonstone with the leader before they could become a warrior but they seemed to have lost that tradition once they got to the lake.

Apprentices who never got a warrior name. (Listed is the name, what book they died in, and how they died.)

  1. Ravenpaw - Ravenpaw's Farewell, died from liver cancer. he did not die while in a Clan, but he left after fearing Tigerclaw/star would kill him.
  2. Swiftpaw - A Dangerous Path, died from dog attack
  3. Sweetpaw - Bluestar's Prophecy, died from food poisoning
  4. Shrewpaw - Dawn, died from breaking neck
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