Archeye is a gray tabby tom with black stripes and one thick black stripe over one eye











unknown (most likely StarClan)




Kit: Archkit (possibly)

Apprentice: Archpaw (possibly)

Warrior: Archeye


Mate: Hollyflower (most likely)

Sons: Blackstar, Flintfang (possibly)

Daughter: Fernshade (possibly)


In the Super Edition Series

Crookedstar's Promise

Archeye is seen with his Clanmate Crowtail at a Gathering. They congratulate Crookedjaw on becoming deputy.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Archeye does not appear, but is included in the allegiances.

In the Field Guide Series

Code of the

Archeye is a young ShadowClan warrior.

When Archeye is on a border patrol with Brackenfoot, Crowclaw, and Hollyflower, he sniffs at a dead pigeon lying on the side of the Thunderpath. He comments that they would be able to take it home for fresh-kill that night but Hollyflower stops him, pointing out that it was too scrawny to bother with.

Shortly afterward, when Hollyflower spots a fox on ThunderClan's side of the border, Archeye asks if the creature was stalking them, but Crowclaw denies this, since foxes don't usually take on full-grown cats. Archeye then comments gleefully that ThunderClan wouldn't like a fox stealing their prey. When Hollyflower sees that the fox is after a kit instead, she rushes to defend him, and Archeye comments to Brackenfoot that they'd better help her before she gets her ears clawed off. Side-by-side, Archeye and Brackenfoot race across the Thunderpath screeching a battle cry, and leap into battle. As they approach, Archeye ducks low and strikes the fox's muzzle, causing it to flee in terror.

When the battle is over, the four warriors figure out that the kit is named Tigerkit. The young kit is amazed at the ShadowClan warriors' skill, and wishes he could fight like that. As the ShadowClan warriors head for the border, Tigerkit thanks them, promising to help them one day.

Yellowfangs Secret

Archeye was Yellowfang's "partner" in hunting rats in the Carrionplace and one of the elders kicked out of Shadowclans camp by Brokenstar.

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