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Barley's Farm is a farm just off of WindClan territory, near Highstones. Cats traveling to Highstones usually stop here. It previously was lived in by Domino, Fleck, Mitzi, and Mitzi's kits in Crookedstar's Promise. It was then inhabited by Barley in Into the Wild, Ravenpaw from ThunderClan started living in it toward the end of Into the Wild to escape Tigerclaw. Ravenpaw lived there for many years, even after the Clans left the original territories once destroyed by Twolegs. In Ravenpaw's Farewell, he leaves the barn with Barley to take Barley's sister Violet's kits to SkyClan. He dies at Barley's side, and eventually Barley returns to his barn. Barley still lives there as of a Vision of Shadows.

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