DaUnknown123 DaUnknown123 18 hours ago

Day One Of Taking Over The Clans

I took over shadowclan cause there is barley anybody in the clan. Now tommrow I am going to aim for taking over Windclan by waiting for there leader to go on or just walk in there camp. I got my nine lifes from starclan. I still don't have a name expect for the Unknown. I have a great plan and spies to help me in every clan. I hope this works because I don't want to be like Tigerstar and get stuck in the dark forest. Taking over the forest is a dream to me and I am getting closer to it every day. After taking over the forest I will lick myself for 84 hours stright cause that's what a real cat is about. (at least my cat does that) and take naps. Think I finshed day one with a good start :)


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SpaceAdmiral6284 SpaceAdmiral6284 5 days ago


time to unleash the geek/nerd/whatever


If a werewolf had kids with a wolf, would she- it has to be a she for this to make sense- give birth to puppies or human babies? would it depended on what form she was in? I think they would have yennorks- werewolves who don't change shapes- depending on what shape the werewolf was when she gave birth? like, if she gave birth when she was a wolf, they would be stuck as wolves, vice versa?

anyways, this would never happen, cause wolves hate werewolves.


Gavin and Angua-



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AshstormPlayz78 AshstormPlayz78 15 days ago

profile pic

what should my profile pic be?? aesthetic gray or aesthetic ocean?

post it on my talk ;3

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MeliaHall MeliaHall 16 days ago

Back from the dead!

Hi guys! I'm online again! *Looks around*


Where is everybody...?

So yeah, a lot of you newbies probably don't know who I am, but if any of my old friends are here, hewo! :3

-Storm, role-player of Petalfire and Petalfrost, Stormlight, Jaypaw, Shadow and Rain, Dia, and probably more!

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Wispcloud Wispcloud 29 days ago

What is Your Favorite Choir

Some people (like me) like choirs. If you like choirs, just say what it is in the comments. I'm not trying to pry at all, but I just want to know just how many choirs are out there and how many I haven't heard before.

My favorite choir is the Angel City Chorale. One of my favoite songs sang by them is called "Waloyo Yamoni" which is Lango for "We Overcome The Wind". The link to that is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWR9vW8BUFI

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Wispcloud Wispcloud 30 October

Ballot and Current Standings For LightningClan's Deputy Because I Have No Idea Where Redstar is

So, if you are from the Herbs page, you know the dillemma that is going on: LightningClan's deputy, Eaglefang, has died and Redstar is nowhere in sight. I've decided to create a vote, and here's the current standings:

Littleclaw, Graythunder and Squirreltail are in the lead, so they are the three options.

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Dreamcloud of StarClan Dreamcloud of StarClan 20 October

Petalflower's Revenge

Can you copy and paste fwens thanks I'm lazy lol

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MeliaHall MeliaHall 12 September

Herbs roleplayers

I’ve noticed something changed in the herbs page, and it has stopped me from typing anything. For a couple of weeks I have been trying to look for my friends in other wikis, with no luck. Then I realized I could post about this, so I talking to you guys now. I am Storm, and I’m looking for Ferret and Aqua, two fellow roleplayers, who I really miss. I unfortunately think that Ferret has given up on this wiki and left, so I’m not sure if I can reunite with them. If you are a role playing friend of mine, please stick around this post.

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Flameskimmer Flameskimmer 1 September


i am returning to this wiki. it may be because the many reasons i do not feel very welcome in the wof wiki. but i will not delve too deep into that. i am now going to start contributing most, if not all of my attention to this growing wiki. there we go. i said it. i now am going to hope that i did this right and that no one will yell at me. thank you for letting me waste your time.

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AshstormPlayz78 AshstormPlayz78 31 August

Read only stuff :P

So when the wikis get put onto read only mode it’s really annoying

so I made www.readonlysub.fandom.com

stormstar what is your clans name

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BluefireFlames BluefireFlames 20 August


To Ferret, Aqua, Feather, Shadow, Storm, the unregistered users, and every other role-player who I have failed to mention:

I have some crazy news about the herbs page.

You may or may not have heard about the wiki software transferral. If you haven’t, well... it’s changed drastically. Not at all for the better, or at least in my opinion.

So, I hate to keep you waiting, so I’ll just tell you the truth.

The herbs page is acting weird. I don’t know where the comments are (or at least most of them). This layout is driving me CRAZY, and sooner or later, it probably will affect you. The screen jumps around when I’m typing, and it really sucks.

Comment “1” if you think the old layout was better.

Edit: they weren’t all deleted. I don’t know if it’s load…

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Edward.echo Edward.echo 15 August

I discovered a mistake in Warriors The Sight

On page 18 of The Sight it said "Sorreltail's kits Poppypaw and Mousepaw were waiting expectantly, hardly standing still". When Mousepaw was Daisy's kit, not Sorreltail's.

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Silverwhisker Silverwhisker 9 August

Warriors Roleplay

Just tossing up this as an advertisement, seeing there was nothing against posting warriors-related advertisements. 

Warrior Cats RPG is a newly rebooted wiki that's accepting members. We're currently accepting applications for one more clan to be owned by whoever is selected as the winning applicant. The three other clans have already been created, one of which has two open high ranks as of right now (deputy and medicine cat). We're a PG-13 wiki that allows one account per user to prevent sockpuppeting. 

Currently, a mysterious and dark-themed plot is in the works, one that involves drama, twists, secrets, and in the end, sacrifice. Join us today while we're still finishing things up! Roleplay is not open yet, not until the last clan is dec…

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BluefireFlames BluefireFlames 4 August

translator fails

So (translating in Greek), I'll be translating random stuff and putting the funniest ones on here.

"Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way" is "Ringing Bells Ringing Bells Go crazy all the way"

"when you feel my heat look into my eyes it's where my demons hide it's where my demons hide (Demons, Imagine Dragons)" is "when you feel my heat looking into my eyes, there my demons are hiding, where my demons are hiding" 

"i am going to cape cod on august 24th (true btw)" is "I am going to mutilate the cod on August 24th." WHERE HAVE WE GONE?

"it is very hard for them to attack me on looks because i am so good looking (a quote from President Donald Trump)" is "it is very difficult for them to attack me in appearance because I am so beautiful."


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RaccoonsAreCool RaccoonsAreCool 25 July

Hello everyone!

I am new here and yeah, I have many OCs and LOVE warrior cats! Some OCs I have are, SpottedPelt, DuskWing/Star, RaccoonFern, SpeedDrift, and ChestnutPaw along with my Kittypet OC that joined a clan who has no warrior name yet but her name is Jasmine. The princess not the plant.

That’s all adios!

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Darkstar's Promise Chapter Two

Welcome, fandomers, now heres the chapter two!


Darkkit has been in StarClan for five and a half moon now. One day when she was sunning herself, Fernbreeze came and said 

“ Today, you will go to the mooncave and send a message to Flowerpaw, she will be a full medicine cat. Everything you say will be true.” 

“ Even to come back to life?” Darkkit asked excitedly. Fernbreeze nodded.


“I, Goldendream, medicine cat of RiverClan call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat. Flowerpaw, do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan, and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life? ” Gol…

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Frostedheart Frostedheart 21 July

My Opinion on Bluestar

Anyone who knows me knows about how much I hate Bluestar. But why? In the first few books of TPB, I absoulutly adored

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AquaExplorer364 AquaExplorer364 9 July

how I feel...

Roleplaying with Leapnight/Almondstar is driving me INSANE! 

She's a liar, she's OP...


done! :D

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MeliaHall MeliaHall 6 July

Part 2 of the story I made that doesn't have a name

Hey y'all! Feel free to comment, I really feel like they connect us all together! Anyways, enjoy the tale! And make sure to read chapter one!

It was the night after the gathering, and a joyous one. The clans had been at peace, hardly as much as a border fight or prey argument in sight. The lazy afternoon air was still, except for a slight, sweet breeze every now and then. Eagle hated it. "Why aren't we doing something?" He asked his sister, Bright, impatiently, with a flick of his ears. Bright rolled her eyes. "Because there's nothing to do, mousebrain. The patrols brought back plenty prey, and we don't have anything to do." Eagle mumbled angrily, and flicked his tail at her ear, because he knew his sister was right. Even their mentors, Sa…

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BluefireFlames BluefireFlames 25 June


So there are 2 cats in the series with the prefix Sweet: Sweetpaw and Sweetbriar. On Warriors Fanfiction, I've seen multiple cats with that prefix. What I don't get about it? They're all female.

"Sweet" is kind of a stupid prefix anyway, because it doesn't give you any idea as to what the cat looks like. Just hearing the name "Sweetbriar," you don't know if she's a calico, a silver tabby, or a solid black cat. Kits are named for their appearances, because their parents don't know their personalities at birth. Therefore, Sweet isn't a valid name, because what if the cat turned into a vicious killing machine?

The only way that it is valid is for the kit to have a distinctive sweet scent. I've actually never seen this reasoning for the prefix. …

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MeliaHall MeliaHall 16 June

Hey guys, pls read my posts and comment

Hey guys, I'm storm and I have recently started blogging stories and posts. I wish for people to just read my stories and I'm sorry if I sound clingy but I guess I just expected more people to be on this blogging thing. If you do read my stories then please comment something. I just feel like comments ae really cool and a great way to connect.


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Almondstar19 Almondstar19 14 June

Strange kit hood

Almondstar was a strange kit this is the story when she was a kit

  • 1 Almondstar
    • 1.1 Relatives
  • 2 Physical description
    • 2.1 Species
    • 2.2 Gender
    • 2.3 Eye color




Daughters:Honeywhisker, Mudfern, Dovefeather

Sons:Stormcloud, Hailstream, Firestep







Almondstar is a pretty Tortoiseshell she-cat. She is the leader of RiverClan. One side of her face is light, and the other side is dark.


Kit: Almondkit Apprentice: Almondpaw Warrior: Almondbreeze

Deputy: Almondbreeze Leader: Almondstar Queen: Almondstar 

Almondkit was very suttle, she never got into trouble, and didn't have the energy kit had most of the time. If it wasn't for her size, anyone would think she was a…

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MeliaHall MeliaHall 14 June

Umm... Don't really know how this works but here's a story.

Ok, some of this might be irrelevant to the actual warriors cats series, and I might have used some actual roleplayer names, but I gurantee you I asked the roleplayer first. Thanks for reading!

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Darkstar's promise chapter one

hey guys, I'm Darkstar and This is my story. Well, If you cannot stand too much bloodshed, don't look! Also, look for grammar mistakes thk u. Hehe... Well, no copying, or whatsoever. Anyways, i hope you like it!!!

Chapter 1

Darkkit opened her eyes.

She ran out of the nursery. She was he first to open her eyes. Her littermates, Dovekit and Sunnykit were still in the nursery. ” The river !” she murmured, the elders always talked about it . Clear and full of fish. Feeling the breeze ruffling her jet-black muzzle, she jumped into the water.” Riverclan is the best!” she said as she jumped. The feeling was fantastic. It felt cool and soft, murmuring underneath her paws. She tried to walk, then, she found herself floating and moving not by the water…

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Darkstar's promise: Chapter one.

hey guys, I'm Darkstar and This is my story. Well, If you cannot stand too much bloodshed, dont look! Also, look for grammar mistakes thk u.

Chapter 1

Darkkit opened her eyes.

She ran out of the nursery. She was he first to open her eyes. Her littermates, Dovekit and Sunnykit were still in the nursery. ” The river !” she murmured, the elders always talked about it . Clear and full of fish. Feeling the breeze ruffling her jet-black muzzle, she jumped into the water.” Riverclan is the best!” she said as she jumped. The feeling was fantastic. It felt cool and soft, murmuring underneath her paws. She tried to walk, then, she found herself floating and moving not by the water! Suddenly, she heard paw steps. “Oh, Splashpaw, how silly could you be? …

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Can anyone give me some ideas of what to write?

Hello everyone, this is your Darkstar ! well, I've been having problems. What can I write about? Post your ideas on the comments plz!  DarkstarOfRiverClan (call me Darkstar!)

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AshstormPlayz78 AshstormPlayz78 3 June

Check out my Info Page!

Go here: OC Info Page to learn more about my OCs/ Charaters.

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Kitten^Cat~47 Kitten^Cat~47 1 June

Who is the mystery man (or cat) !SPOILERS!

​​​​​​so who is he? Honestly who else could it be but ashfur. Like c'mon, he hates Bramblestar, loves squirrelflight, and is a stupid idiot who is  under emotional stress. If you have another idea, feel free to comment below, but I'm sure that you don't.

The end.

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Ripplewater Ripplewater 29 May

how to delete stupid blogs


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Whitefrost01 Whitefrost01 29 May

Warriors RP wiki!

This is a new warriors RP wiki

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AshstormPlayz78 AshstormPlayz78 27 May

Roleplay w/ me at https://ultimatewarriorcats.fandom.com/wiki/Herbs


My OCs:

Sheerdrift, Blazingheart, Cloudmist, Nectarstar, Nightwhisker, Rosefeather, Blueflower, Sweetbreeze, Birchscar, Stonescorch, Stormwing, Pinekit, Dewkit, Crowkit, Larkkit, Frostleaf, Cedarpaw, Dark Moon, Wing of Dappled Lark, Willow that Sways in Wind, Cloud that Covers Stars, Echo of Shattered Ice, Swift Paw of Fox, Mountain that Touches Sky, Light that Slowly Fades, Golden, Sage, daeth fagn(death fang LOLLL), Pinwgin Larkfligt dwflaem Crocwawl(daeth fagn's evil duplicates of Pinewing, Larkflight, Dewflame, and Crowclaw)

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AquaExplorer364 AquaExplorer364 25 May

new Warriors EU wiki!


this is my new WARRIORS EU WIKI! on there, you can roleplay, make pages on your OCs and OC clans, and have fun!

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Rainbow2334 Rainbow2334 12 May


I can't choose! Comment below on which cat I should rp as!

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Elixiare Elixiare 11 April

Rising Flames: Prologue to Chap. 18

Rising Flames will not be continued on this page for copyright reasons. I'm really sorry, but I will post a link soon when I manage to get to another website for a blog. Pls read my comment down below.

WAIT A SECOND... RISING FLAMES IS BEING CONTINUED! :D  https://emilyh32.blogspot.com/2020/04/rising-flames.html click the link above to access the blog (extra message) stay strong everyone! stay home, save lives! Don't worry - we'll all get through this together!





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1Thunderstar2 1Thunderstar2 23 March

warriors: the hero's prophecy

Chapter Two

Duskpaw jerked awake. Lilypaw was still asleep next to him. He didn’t want anything to happen to her. She reminded him so much of Lily back at the two-walker place. He was so afraid of losing her even though they met yesterday. A soft purr startled him. ”Good morning Duskpaw.” Lilypaw yawned. ”Oh. You startled me.” Duskpaw stammered. ”Is there something wrong?” She questioned. ’’No. Nothing at all.’’ He responded. ”Nobody can get any sleep with you two in the den!” Spritepaw grumbled. ”Sorry, but with you yelling like that, no cat can get any sleep!” Lilypaw retorted. ”Oh yeah. Speak for yourself.” Spritepaw sneered. Now that Lilypaw was triggered, Spritepaw went on! ’’What are you going to do when Sunstar finds out you were yel…

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1Thunderstar2 1Thunderstar2 21 March

warriors the heroes prophecy

Chapter One

This is now it all began:

¨Don´t do it, Bumble.¨ A beautiful she-cat mewed.  ¨Why not? You don´t know whats out there. Don´t worry. Lily, you know you could come with me.¨ He suggested. ¨You know I would never.¨she insisted.   ¨Then I guess this is good bye.¨   Bumble was a house cat. He wanted to know what it was like to be a wild cat. ¨You can´t be serious. After all we have been through.¨   Bumble drank in her sweet, familiar, sent for the last time. ¨I love you, Lily. I hope you know that.¨ And without hearing her response, he padded off, without looking back, beyond the two-walker wall. ¨I know. And I love you too. More than you will ever know.¨ And with that she padded in to the two-walker nest.

By the time Bumble found the …

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Sparkle eyes Sparkle eyes 3 March

My Oc

My Warrior Cats Oc would be described all here...

My name is Gingercloud, 

Looks: I have a gingerpelt and is always fluffed up, either by my anger or my happiness! I have fern green eyes and strangely has a light orange nose. My teeth are always shown whenever I open or close my mouth. My left ear is halfway ripped while the other is perfectly fine. My tail is very long and fluffed up as well, I have white paws and "toe beans." 

Personality: I am usually excited and prepared for any new adventure! I am sometimes friendly and would act nasty to any warriors I despise. I literally have two sides of my personality. One side would be bold, fierce, and would scowl often. I would have angry eyes, ready to tear a cat's ear off, and would snarl at an…

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TheAxolotlWhisperer TheAxolotlWhisperer 11 January


I am so bored right now. Anyone wanna roleplay?

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Warriorcatluver194 Warriorcatluver194 20 December 2019

my fav warrior ships

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AAAAAAAAAAA1111 AAAAAAAAAAA1111 22 November 2019



mom: why

me: GIVE NOW!!!1!!

mom: * give credit card *

me: * go computer *

me: * spend all money on credit card for ROUX *

mom: where moneyz go????????


mom: whywhywgdtygwytgfyttttttttgvewhsbwdytdvdytsvsbhgaygwhbdsyudvdwtdvwtdvwgh

me: UH OJH

me: * run away *


the end

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AAAAAAAAAAA1111 AAAAAAAAAAA1111 12 November 2019


me at school: no homeswork

teacher: no

the end

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Moonwing9 Moonwing9 3 October 2019

I smell like Beeeeeeeeeeeeeef

Squirrel kit:Hey mom? Sandstorm: yes? Squirrel kit: I SMELL LIKE BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEF Sandstorm: .... Me:*claps hands* WOOOOOOOOO!

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Ripplewater Ripplewater 27 April 2019

Adopting the Wiki!

i need to shut up sometimes, - ripple

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Sallyisawsome123 Sallyisawsome123 15 March 2019


Hi! Welcome to my role-play. I am Sunstar of LeafClan. If you want to role-play with me, please comment.

I will give daily updates so everyone knows what's happening in LeafClan.

comment to role-play


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0LittleStorm0 0LittleStorm0 21 January 2019

Should I or Should I not?

So, I was wondering....Should I make a wiki post on my ocs? I think I should but idk.

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Sushicat7 Sushicat7 10 January 2019

Favorite cats

Thunderstar                                                                    PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lightning Tail










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Wolf-eyes09 Wolf-eyes09 15 December 2018


Lol I am so alone XD

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CalcøBunnie CalcøBunnie 27 January 2018


This has a wiki, you are just trying to be cool and take over, which is rude, and not very nice.

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Artist406 Artist406 22 December 2017


 EDIT COMMENTS SHARE----  Iciclerain is a speckled She-Cat. [1]Current- Riverclan

Status- Alive


Rank- Warrior

Kit- Iciclekit

Apprentice- Iciclepaw

Warrior- Iciclerain

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LoveDaWarriors LoveDaWarriors 29 September 2017




40 Moons

Deputy or warrior

Current Clan is GrassClan

Has no mate

Has no kits

Strong feirce sweet grumpy stubborn......


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