Bramblepaw: "I thought I hated my father. I never wanted to join his Clan, but I didn't want him to die just like that."

Firestar: "I know. But it's over now, and you're free of him."

Bramblepaw: "I don't think I'll ever be free of him. Even now that he's dead, no cat will ever forget that I'm his son."

Bramblepaw and Firestar after Tigerstar loses all 9 lives at once in The Darkest Hour, pages 239-240
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Bramblestar is a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes and broad shoulders.

Current: ThunderClan

Status: Alive

Rank: Leader Age: Approx. 78 moons (6.5 years)


Kit- Bramblekit

Apprentice- Bramblepaw

Warrior- Brambleclaw

Deputy- Brambleclaw

Leader- Bramblestar


Foster Daughter- Hollyleaf

Foster Sons- Lionblaze, Jayfeather

Mate- Squirrelflight

Sister- Tawnypelt

Half-Brothers- Hawkfrost, Tadpole, (paternal) Swiftpaw (maternal)

Half-Sister- Mothwing (paternal)

Father- Tigerstar

Mother- Goldenflower

Grandfathers- Pinestar (paternal), Smallear (maternal)

Grandmothers- Leopardfoot (paternal), Speckletail (maternal)

Great Grandfather- Adderfang (paternal)

Great Grandmothers- Sweetbriar, Swiftbreeze (paternal)

Distant Relatives- Cloudstar, Gorseclaw (ThunderClan), Birdflight, Spottedpelt

Aunts- Nightkit, Mistkit (ThunderClan) (paternal)

Uncles- Lionheart, Snowkit (maternal)

Great Uncles- Redtail, Patchpelt (paternal)

Great Aunts- Poppydawn, Spottedleaf, Willowpelt (paternal)

Father-in-law-Firestar (by Squirrelflight)

Mother-in-law-Sandstorm (by Squirrelflight)

Brother-in-law-Rowanclaw (by Tawnypelt)

Sister-in-law-Leafpool (by Squirrelflight)

Step-mother-Sasha (Tigerstar's second mate)


Mentor- Firestar

Apprentice- Berrynose