There are many different diseases and injuries that appear in the series. Here are the differernt types:

Chest Infections

Chest Infections are very common in the clan. The most common is Whitecough and Greencough. They have also mention Blackcough and Kittencough.


Poisoning can happen from drinking tainted water, eating rotten food, or eating a poisonous herbs. It can vary from not being very dangerous to being fatal.

Rat Infections

Infection from rat is pretty common. If you are bitten or scratched by a rat you are likely to get infected by that.

Loss of Sight/Hearing

Loss of eysight or hearing is common with cats who are old but can also happen if they are injured someway. This can also be genetic and the cat was born this way.

Joint Aches

Joing aches are common and mostly found in elders, not that severe.

Stomach Aches

Stomach aches can happpen from eating bad prey or if the cat is sick, it is usually easily cured.


Fever happens when a cat has a disease.


Chill happens when a cat has a disease it is also assosiated with cold weather.

Cracked Pads

This can be assosiated with dry weather or if the cat is traveling a lot. It's not that severe.


They have never mentioned tumors by name but several cats have had lumps in their stomaches which are strongly implied to be tumors.

Other Diseases

There are probably many other disease that haven't been mentioned before.


Wounds happen very offen. From battle or other things. They can vary from being mild scratches to fatal wounds.


Sprains aren't common in the series but do happen occasionally. The cat should rest for a few days.

Joint Dislocation

Joint dislocations are similar to sprains the cat should rest for a while to heal.

Broken Bones

Broken Bones are pretty severe. Sometimes they can heal sometimes they are more permanent like with Cinderpelt or Briarlight.

Bee Stings

Bee stings aren't very serious but are pretty painful.

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