This Q and A session happend on November 3rd and November 30th of 2010.

Information revealedEdit

  • Tigerstar's natural bravery and Thistleclaw's teachings are what caused his dark ambitions.
  • The first cat created for the series was Rusty/Firestar.
  • There will be no reappearance of BloodClan, they are scattered and leaderless.
  • Scourge's name was not inspired by Cluney the Scourge from Brian Jacques' Redwall books.
  • Male medicine cats cannot father kits either as they would be distracted from their duties.
  • Cat names are meant to only come from natural sources, and are meant to only consist of words that a wild cat would know.
  • Whitecough and greencough are not based on a specific disease.
  • A leader that dies of natural causes may return to life once if they still have lives left, but after that they will most likely lose all of their lives at once due to multiple organ failure.
  • It is highly unlikely for a leader to die of old age, though this is what happened with Tallstar.
  • Medicine Cats have their own code separate from the Warrior Code. It states that they must treat sick or injured cats, even if they are from a different Clan, and that they may not take a mate or have kits.
  • ThunderClan territory is about ten acres.
  • The territory of the Tribe is inspired by American Mountains even though some of the books are based off of an English forest.
  • Each book takes about six months to complete: two months for Vicky to write the story line, three months for either Kate, Cherith, or Tui to write the books, about a week for Vicky to proof read the finished product, and three weeks for Harpercollins to proofread and request edits for the final draft.
  • The Erin Hunters are usually working on two or three books at one time.
  • The Erins want to include an albino cat at one point but are waiting for the right time.
  • There won't be a warriors and seekers crossover.
  • It is unlikely that a book in the main series will be told primarily from another Clan's point of view, only the Super Editions will do so. (untrue, Night Whispers was told from Flametail's point of view for parts of it)
  • There will be a female villain in Night Whispers and Crookedstar's Promise (Mapleshade).
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