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This Q and A session took place on July 27th of 2011

Information revealed

  • In the last books of Omen of the Stars, Hollyleaf will play an important role.
  • Firestar has only two lives left at the beginning of the Last Hope (unsure, Sandstorm states he only has one left, and he dies)
  • Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing share the same spirits as Lion's Roar, Jay's Wing, and Dove's Wing.
  • Cinderpelt was in love with Firestar
  • Thornclaw will not have a mate. (false. He mated with Blossomfall)
  • Cinderheart will find out she was once Cinderpelt.
  • Vicky would've liked to have had Cinderheart be the next ThunderClan leader.
  • Cinderheart was overwhelmed by Lionblaze's destiny which is why she broke up with him.
  • Hazeltail will get a love interest (untrue, Hazeltail never had a love interest by the Last Hope)
  • Millie's grief over Briarlight's injury is what caused her behavior to Bumblestripe and Blossomfall.
  • Blossomfall only joined the Dark Forest because she felt neglected, not because she was evil.
  • Hollyleaf is alive, she is the Forgotten Warrior.
  • Briarlight's injuries are permanent.
  • In the Last Hope, Brightheart will be expecting kits.
  • Mousefur was never interested in having a mate.
  • When Cinderheart goes to StarClan, she will either go as just Cinderheart or both Cinderheart and Cinderpelt.
  • Brightheart won't get an apprentice before Omen of the Stars is over.
  • Brambleclaw probably cannot forgive Squirrelflight (untrue, he forgave her and made her deputy and they became mates)
  • Lionblaze and Cinderheart might get back together.
  • Firestar is six years old at the time of the chat.
  • more coming soon!