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"He gave his life to save the thing that mattered most to him: his Clanmates. He truly has the power of the stars in his paws now."
Jayfeather to Dovewing after Firestar's death in The Last Hope, page 324
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Approx. 96 moons (8 years)


ThunderClan (formerly Kittypet)


Mentors- Bluestar, Lionheart, Tigerstar

Apprentices- Cinderpelt, Cloudtail, Bramblestar







Mate & Kits:

Mate- Sandstorm

Kits- Leafpool, Squirrelflight


Mother- Nutmeg (Kittypet)

Father- Jake

Sister(s)- Princess, unnamed siblings

Brother(s)- unnamed siblings

Half-Brothers- Scourge, Socks

Half-Sister- Ruby

Firestar is a ginger tom with a flame-colored pelt, green eyes, powerful shoulders, and a scar on his flank.


Kittypet- Rusty

Apprentice- Firepaw

Warrior- Fireheart

Deputy- Fireheart

Leader- Firestar


Mate- Sandstorm

Mother- Nutmeg

Father- Jake

Sisters- Princess, unnamed siblings

Brothers- unnamed siblings

Daughters- Squirrelflight, Leafpool (with Sandstorm)

Nieces- Princess's unnamed kits (via Princess)

Nephews- Princess's unnamed kits, Cloudtail (via Princess)

Granddaughter- Hollyleaf (via Leafpool)

Grandsons- Lionblaze, Jayfeather (via Leafpool)

Great-grandkits- Cinderheart's (Lionblaze's) unnamed kits (via Lionblaze)

Grandnieces- Amberkit, Whitewing (via Cloudtail)

Grandnephews- Dewkit, Snowkit (via Cloudtail)

Great-Grandnieces- Dovewing, Ivypool (via Whitewing)

Half-brothers- Scourge, Socks (paternal, through Jake)

Half-sister- Ruby (paternal, through Jake)

Father-in-law- Redtail (by Sandstorm)

Mother-in-law- Brindleface (by Sandstorm)

Sons-in-law- Ashfur (by Squirrelflight, former), Bramblestar (by Squirrelflight), Crowfeather (by Leafpool, former)

Sister-in-law- Ferncloud (by Sandstorm)

Brother-in-law- Ashfur (by Sandstorm)

Step-mother-Quince (Jake's second mate)


In the Super Edition Series

Bluestar's Prophecy

Firestar is described as a flame-colored, green-eyed kittypet named Rusty, often sitting on a fence overlooking the forest. Bluestar takes an interest in him after watching him while patrolling. She mentions him to the medicine cat at the time, Spottedleaf, who seems to know pretty quickly why Bluestar is interested in the kittypet. Graypaw is asked to keep an eye on Rusty. It is revealed that Graypaw's encounter with Rusty wasn't an accident, but that it was ordered by Bluestar herself. At the very end, Bluestar is thinking, "You were right, Goosefeather. A fire will blaze through this forest after all." Rusty only appears at the last chapter and the Manga, when he is in the ThunderClan camp for the first time.

Firestar's Quest

Firestar is constantly having dreams about some unknown fleeing cats. After a Gathering, he travels to the Moonstone to share dreams with StarClan. Upon arriving and falling asleep, he speaks to Bluestar, who tells him the cats he is having dreams about are the cats of ancient SkyClan, the fifth Clan of the forest, who were driven out by the other Clans. Firestar wants to help SkyClan, but Bluestar refuses because she wants him to stay and assist his Clan. Eventually, Firestar hisses at Bluestar and argues with her, then wakes up.
Later, Silverstream appears to Firestar in a dream, giving him a fish. She reminds him of the life that she gave to him: the life of loyalty to what he feels is right. This convinces him that StarClan wants him to complete this mission, to right the wrong they failed to stop so many moons ago. Firestar is surprised at the taste, thinking that it is "warm and flavorful."
Firestar runs into Smudge while on a patrol and discovers that he is having the same dreams. That night, he decides to stay in Smudge's garden, where he then dreams of Cloudstar, the ancient leader of SkyClan. He is told that he is in the old SkyClan camp, and must make a journey to rebuild SkyClan. The next day he comes back to camp to tell Graystripe, Cinderpelt, and Sandstorm all he knows about SkyClan. At first they think that he is going to become a kittypet, but when he chooses Sandstorm to go with him on the journey, Graystripe and Cinderpelt agree to watch over the Clan while they're gone. And Firestar tells Graystripe that he wants only Sandstorm to go with him.
Sandstorm and Firestar set out in search of SkyClan. Sandstorm suggests that they spend the night in an abandoned Twoleg nest, but as Firestar steps inside, he becomes frightened from his kittypet roots and insists that they find another place to rest. They get separated after a storm hits, and Firestar looks through all of the Twoleg gardens to try and find Sandstorm. He eventually finds some cats in Twolegplace and they take him to a spot where they get their water, which is how he finds Shorty who says he has seen Sandstorm and leads Firestar to her. He fears that she had died, and feels guilty because they just had an argument about Spottedleaf. Soon they are reunited after Sandstorm saves him from a hostile kittypet.
Firestar and Sandstorm make it to SkyClan's camp, where they meet an old cat named Sky, the last cat alive keeping SkyClan's memory. Skywatcher asks Firestar to rebuild the Clan, and Firestar, feeling forced to say yes, obliges. Two kittypets named Cherry and Boris join the new SkyClan, and get their apprentice names, Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw. Firestar finds enough kittypets, loners, and rogues around the area to rebuild SkyClan.
Before Skywatcher dies, he tells Firestar the prophecy, which later makes in an appearance in the Power of Three series:
"There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws."
Sandstorm becomes very distressed when Spottedleaf comes to help her heal Patchfoot, and Firestar lets it slip that he and Spottedleaf had seen each other before in his dream. Sandstorm states that Firestar loves Spottedleaf and how the two had always seemed to belong together when Firestar first joined the Clan. Spottedleaf says that she couldn't choose a mate, even if she wanted to very much. Firestar also tells Sandstorm he would love her for all the moons to come and that she would never be second-best to him. Firestar reveals his love for Sandstorm belonged in the life they shared and would last for all the moons to come -- basically he loves Sandstorm more than he will ever love Spottedleaf; Sandstorm is his one true love. Sandstorm accepts, although she gets slightly tense when Firestar brings up the name of Spottedleaf again.
In a dream, Skywatcher also tells him about a medicine cat that he needs to find, and he travels to Twolegplace in search of whoever it is. He asks many cats if they have dreamed of strange things, and a kittypet named Echo says that she has. When she agrees to join SkyClan, he names her Echosong. The Clan finds a large barn full of angry rats which drove out ancient SkyClan. Firestar leads the Clan into attack against them, but Rainfur is killed during the battle, and Firestar loses a life -- Sandstorm saves him from losing his other lives, and tells him she had to choose him over Rainfur. After he revives, Firestar and the other SkyClan cats climb a tree hanging above the barn. Firestar leaps into the barn and kills the lead rat, and all the other rats flee. After the battle, he helps Leafdapple earn her nine lives and become Leafstar.
In the epilogue, Sandstorm gives birth to his two kits, whom they name Leafkit, in honor of Leafstar and maybe Spottedleaf; and Squirrelkit, after her bushy tail.

SkyClan's Destiny

He is mentioned a lot by Leafstar during her thoughts, telling stories, and multiple other times on his brave quest to revive SkyClan. Otherwise, he makes no formal appearances in this book. Stick also mentions him when he was trying to find Sandstorm and Firestar, tells him that they must find the flame-colored cat.

In the Original Series

Into the Wild

Firestar is first seen as a young kittypet named Rusty. He has been having strange dreams of himself hunting in the forest, though he would always wake up after he failed. Rusty has shown to have great interest in the forest, having inherited it from his adventurous father, Jake. He has a friend named Smudge, who is strongly against Rusty's idea of exploring the forest.
Rusty ventures into the forest, and is attacked by a clumsy forest cat named Graypaw. He confronts Graypaw instead of running away like most kittypets would. Doing that impresses ThunderClan cats Bluestar and Lionheart, who watch from the bushes. Graypaw is curious at why Rusty is away from his twoleg nest. He tells Rusty a few things about the Clan he lives in, called ThunderClan. Rusty, in turn, is asking questions about Clan life. As they question each other, Graypaw senses some cats from ThunderClan approaching and tells him to hide. Rusty wonders how Graypaw can scent them, though not saying it out loud. Bluestar and Lionheart appear from their hiding place, and Bluestar reveals that they had been watching the two young cats. She invites Rusty to join ThunderClan and Graypaw is startled, saying that kittypets couldn't become warriors, because they didn't have warrior blood. Lionheart voices Graypaw's thoughts differently, saying that kittypets were too soft for Clan life, deeply offending Rusty, because he himself knows differently. Rusty says he'll think about Bluestar's invitation, and Bluestar gives him until sun-high the next day to decide, when Lionheart would be there. During that time he spends his last day with Smudge, and a couple of other friends. When he is seen by Lionheart and another cat, Whitestorm, the next day, he chooses to join the Clan, and they take him to the camp.
When Bluestar announces her intent to accept the kittypet, Rusty, many of her Clanmates are infuriated. A young warrior named Longtail taunts him, reminding his Clanmates that Twolegs would invade their territory because of Rusty's collar. Rusty attacks Longtail and defeats him, giving him a torn ear. Longtail tears off Rusty's collar with his teeth, and Bluestar accepts the broken collar as a sign that the kittypet should be a Clan cat, and grants Rusty his apprentice name, Firepaw, in honor of his flame-colored pelt when he steps into a shaft of light.
Firepaw is mentored by Tigerclaw and Lionheart together, until he eventually gets a very shocking choice for an official mentor: Bluestar herself. The Clan is very surprised, as it is a high honor, but Tigerclaw remarks that Firepaw wasn't being punished by feeding an enemy warrior-Yellowfang- earlier in the book. Bluestar chose him because of his exceptional skill that exceeds the other apprentices, and because she has a suspicion that he was part of the fire prophecy. Tigerclaw continuously bullies him, as do two older and more experienced apprentices, Sandpaw and Dustpaw. Graypaw stays by Firepaw's side all the time and they are best friends. Ravenpaw also becomes their friend, overcoming some of his timidness, but Tigerclaw, his taunting mentor, is still a big target of his nervousness.
Firepaw catches on very fast on everything he is taught, and soon is recognized as a natural warrior with leadership skills, gaining knowledge of Clan routines and heritage.
Later, Firepaw encounters a ShadowClan cat named Yellowfang, who is now living as a rogue since being unfairly driven out by Brokenstar, ShadowClan's cruel leader. They battle, and Firepaw wins, injuring Yellowfang's leg in the process. Instead of turning her over to Bluestar, Firepaw feeds her before feeding his Clan. After they both had eaten, they are caught by a ThunderClan patrol, which takes Yellowfang into custody. Firepaw's punishment for breaking the Warrior Code is to care for the grumpy former medicine cat.
It becomes apparent to Firepaw that Ravenpaw, his timid friend, is in grave danger and cannot stay with ThunderClan, when he eavesdrops on Tigerclaw, Darkstripe, and Longtail's conversation about Ravenpaw being a traitor. Firepaw and Graypaw help him escape and live with a loner, Barley, spreading the rumor that their fellow apprentice had died.
Firepaw is shocked and hurt when ThunderClan's medicine cat, Spottedleaf, is murdered by Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior. It is apparent he liked the she-cat, although he knew it was against the warrior code to do so, as medicine cats are not allowed to have mates. Later it is revealed that they both were in love with each other.
Later, Bluestar sends Firepaw and Graypaw into ShadowClan territory to find and question Yellowfang and attempt to recover the stolen ThunderClan kits; Brackenkit, Cinderkit, Thornkit, and Brightkit. It is later realized that Yellowfang didn't murder Spottedleaf like expected, but Clawface, one of Brokenstar's followers, did. Following the successful mission, Bluestar grants Firepaw the name Fireheart and the status of a warrior along with Graypaw, who becomes Graystripe.
As he starts his vigil, he notices Tigerclaw's eyes shining back at him. He then reveals silently that he had made an enemy out of the Clan deputy, as Tigerclaw did the same for him.

Fire and Ice

Fireheart and Graystripe are sent by Bluestar to find WindClan, who has been driven from their land by ShadowClan. The missing Clan is found and returned. They are then accompanied back to ThunderClan territory by two WindClan cats, Onewhisker and Deadfoot. Fireheart, Graystripe and the two WindClan cats are caught trespassing on RiverClan territory. During the battle that ensues, a RiverClan warrior named Whiteclaw falls to his death at the bottom of the gorge. This death is blamed on Graystripe, who tried to catch his falling enemy. Also during the fight, Fireheart saves Sandpaw from falling over the side of the gorge. She snaps at him, not noticing how close she came to death at first, telling him that she could fight her own battles. Afterwards, she realizes what he did, and slowly begins to warm up to him.
When the pair arrives back at camp, Fireheart is given his first apprentice, a she-cat named Cinderpaw, one of the kits he had previously rescued from ShadowClan.
On a training session, Fireheart spots a familiar kittypet. When Cinderpaw says that they should drive her away, Fireheart purposely steps on a twig to scare the kittypet away. It is later said that the pregnant she-cat they saw is Fireheart's sister, Princess. Fireheart starts to visit her and tells her about his life as a warrior.
One day, Graystripe and his apprentice, Brackenpaw, go hunting with Fireheart and Cinderpaw near the frozen river. When Graystripe begins to stalk a vole across the river, the ice shatters beneath him. A RiverClan she-cat ends up saving him, introducing herself as Silverstream. This later to leads to Graystripe falling in love with her, and the two begin meeting secretly, much to Fireheart's annoyance. The two friends begin fighting, and soon stop speaking to one another. Because Fireheart thinks Graystripe is not being loyal by falling in love with Silverstream.
Fireheart fetches as much catnip as he can to help Yellowfang during a bout of greencough in the camp. While he is out, Cinderpaw is gravely injured by a monster. Fireheart it believes was a trap for Bluestar that had been laid by Tigerclaw, although it is not confirmed until later in the series.
While hunting, Fireheart decides to visit Princess, whom he knew was close to kitting. Princess gives him her first-born son, Cloudkit, to take back to ThunderClan, and to be raised as a Clan cat. Fireheart had told Princess all about his life in the Clan, and after Cinderpaw had been hit by a monster, she wants Cloudkit to be his new apprentice. When Fireheart arrives back at camp, the Clan is furious to see that he has brought a kittypet to their Clan. Surprisingly, Graystripe speaks up in Fireheart's defense, and Bluestar decides to let the kit stay with ThunderClan. Brindleface, who had lost one of her kits, then happily cares for Cloudkit.
Later, when Brokenstar, the former leader of ShadowClan, returns with a group of rogues, Fireheart is the only fully trained warrior in the camp. While Fireheart is fighting, he sees Clawface and starts fighting him because he killed Spottedleaf. Graystripe had helped Fireheart kill him. The handful of able fighters manages to drive the rogues away, and Brokenstar is blinded by Yellowfang during the battle, thus unable to make his escape. Bluestar decides that the Clan would have mercy and keep him as a prisoner rather than slaying a helpless cat, and changes his name to Brokentail. Fireheart tells Bluestar about Sandpaw's and Dustpaw's strength and courage in the battle. After this, Sandpaw and Dustpaw receive their warrior names: Sandstorm and Dustpelt.
When RiverClan and ShadowClan ally to attack WindClan, ThunderClan warriors are sent to aid them. During the battle Fireheart permits Silverstream, Graystripe's forbidden lover, to escape. Darkstripe sees this and quickly tells Tigerclaw, who views it as a defect in Fireheart's loyalty. After the battle, Graystripe thanks Fireheart for not attacking Silverstream and the two quickly rekindle their friendship.

Forest of Secrets

After one of the Gatherings, Fireheart and Graystripe sneak away to WindClan territory to find Ravenpaw, and confirm his story of the death of Redtail. When they find him, they question him about what he saw during the battle where Redtail was killed. Ravenpaw explains the story once more, and that Oakheart died from a rock fall, not killed by Redtail, but it was partly his responsibility that he died. Ravenpaw also mentions that Oakheart was fiercely protective of Stonefur before he died, hissing at Redtail when he attacked Stonefur, "No ThunderClan cat will ever harm that warrior." Fireheart is confused, saying that there are battles all the time. They eat mice, and when returning to camp, Tigerclaw sees them and comments that they have no fresh kill. Fireheart lies that they ate to kept their strength up. Tigerclaw, stubbornly, refuses to believe that and takes the pair to Bluestar. The blue-gray leader is disappointed and orders them to hunt until sunhigh the next day.
Fireheart wants a RiverClan warrior to confirm Oakheart's death, one who had been there. He speaks his fears to Graystripe, who tells him that there is a warrior that he can speak to. Fireheart guesses it is Silverstream, while Graystripe nods his approval.
In RiverClan territory the next day, Fireheart and Graystripe hide until they reach the camp. They spot Silverstream with Blackclaw and his apprentice, and Silverstream tells him that she's going to look for a mouse in the bushes. Blackclaw gives a mew of approval before racing in the bushes. Graystripe explains Fireheart's fears to Silverstream, and then she gets Mistyfoot to speak to them. Fireheart learns that Oakheart was Mistyfoot and Stonefur's father, and Graypool was their mother, but it still didn't explain why Oakheart had warned Redtail that no ThunderClan warrior would ever harm Stonefur. Mistyfoot tells Fireheart that Graypool can meet him and Graystripe on the half-bridge, the next day. Fireheart agrees and he takes off with Graystripe. The next day they reach the half-bridge. He and Graystripe see Graypool appearing with Mistyfoot and Silverstream, complaining it is too cold to go out in the weather. Silverstream replies that it is nonsense, and that it was a warm day. Graypool later sees Fireheart and Graystripe and exclaims that there was ThunderClan warriors here, and she could rip their fur out. When Fireheart explains he was only here to talk, Graypool shoos Silverstream, Mistyfoot, and Graystripe away. Then Fireheart explained the story about Oakheart's death. Graypool tells Fireheart that she isn't the pair's mother; a ThunderClan cat was. She tells him that Oakheart found two kits in the snow, and the two scraps wouldn't see sunrise if it wasn't for her. She suckled them, and then noticed there was a scent underneath their snowy coats - ThunderClan. Fireheart thanks Graypool for explaining it all then goes back to camp with Graystripe.
While on the border patrol at the RiverClan border, they see the flood and how horrible it is. They also see two kits struggling on a bundle of sticks and Twoleg rubbish. They nearly drowned to save the kits, but did not. They rescue the kits and are spotted by a RiverClan patrol, escorted back to their new camp. Graystripe and Fireheart are astonished by how the flood waters caused so much damage that they had to move their camp. Leopardfur takes them to Crookedstar, who makes Fireheart and Graystripe explain the story. Though Blackclaw is hostile towards them and accuses them of trying to steal the kits. Crookedstar slowly believes the ThunderClan cats, with Graypool's help. Fireheart and Graystripe persuade RiverClan to let them catch ThunderClan prey and help RiverClan's starvation, as Graypool explained that they were nearly dying from hunger.
A few days later, Fireheart wakes Graystripe up and reminds him they need to go hunting for RiverClan. Cloudkit follows them out of camp, but Fireheart catches him in time. Graystripe remarks hotly, "Why does your kin have to show up at the weirdest times, Fireheart?" Cloudkit wonders where they're going, and Fireheart replies that they're going on a special warrior mission. Graystripe adds that it isn't for pesky kits. Instead of following them, Cloudkit scampers back to the nursery.
They hunt for RiverClan and return the prey back to them. Stonefur welcomes them and tells Graystripe to take prey to the queens, and tells Fireheart to do the same but with the elders. Fireheart meets back up with his friend after giving his prey to the elders, and figures out that Silverstream is expecting Graystripe's kits. Fireheart is uneasy and scared, but Graystripe is enthusiastic and happy about it. When Fireheart and Graystripe return to camp, Tigerclaw finds them with Cloudkit at his side, learning that Cloudkit boasted about everything to the deputy. He goes to the leader's den with Tigerclaw, Cloudkit, and Graystripe. Bluestar is extremely disappointed with them, and tells Cloudkit he can continue with his elder duties. Cloudkit doesn't seem to mind, as he likes caring for the elders. The blue-gray leader punishes the pair of warriors by making them apprentices for a half-moon once more, including sleeping in the apprentices' den, responsible for the elders; with Longtail to supervise their first hunting session.
Silverstream gives birth too early to Graystripe's kits at Sunningrocks, with Fireheart running to summon Cinderpaw, the new medicine cat apprentice. Though Silverstream dies, Graystripe's two kits, Featherkit and Stormkit, survive. Cinderpaw blames herself for the death of Silverstream.
When Bluestar is checking on the nursery, Bluestar explains to Fireheart that she is the mother of Mistyfoot and Stonefur. Fireheart is shocked as he learns the story how Bluestar had given up her kits to save ThunderClan from Thistleclaw. She had three kits, one had died because of extreme cold, the other two living in RiverClan.
While Fireheart takes out Cloudpaw, who has been named his apprentice, on an assignment, Cloudpaw is very scared and points that Tigerclaw is leading a patrol of rogues directly to ThunderClan's camp. The two cats follow him, then realizes that this was why he sent all those patrols, and sent Fireheart to watch Cloudpaw, to plan an attack on ThunderClan with Brokentail and his old allies. Fireheart stops Tigerclaw from killing Bluestar and also finally exposes his treachery. Tigerclaw is exiled from ThunderClan by orders of Bluestar. As he leaves, he threatens Fireheart's life. To Fireheart's and the Clan's astonishment, Bluestar makes Fireheart deputy, instead of a more senior warrior. However, she violates the warrior code in that she named her new deputy after moonhigh. Many believe this is a bad omen, and are skeptical about their new deputy.
Graystripe admits that Fireheart is right. He can't leave his kits in another Clan, so he goes with the RiverClan patrol, which includes Mistyfoot, Silverstream's cousin and best friend, to RiverClan to stay.

Rising Storm

Fireheart struggles with his deputy duties, much to the amusement of Darkstripe. Fireheart is also still mentoring Cloudpaw, who is being difficult for Fireheart. Bluestar is still traumatized from the disloyalty of Tigerclaw, to the point where she is barely eating.
Fireheart and Bluestar attempt to travel to Highstones. On the way, they are stopped by a WindClan patrol led by Mudclaw. The WindClan warriors do not let them pass, and eventually, Fireheart and Bluestar return to camp. The Clan is outraged, and they demand to know why Fireheart allowed the WindClan patrol to turn them back. Fireheart responds with a challenge of his own, asking, "Would you have risked your leader's safety?"
Two ShadowClan warriors, Littlecloud and Whitethroat, come into ThunderClan territory, pleading for help. ShadowClan has fallen ill, and Nightstar is dying. Yellowfang tells Bluestar to send the warriors away, because they have a dangerous disease with no known cure, and desperately reminds Bluestar that it had not been long since greencough had taken one of her lives. Fireheart and Sandstorm escort the ShadowClan warriors to the Thunderpath, where they find the tunnel under the Thunderpath inside of ShadowClan's territory. Bluestar tells him and Sandstorm not to inform the clan about the tunnel. Fireheart soon finds out that Cinderpelt has been taking care of Whitethroat and Littlecloud, despite Bluestar sending them away. He tells her that the ShadowClan cats must leave the territory.
A patrol comes back with battle wounds. Runningwind, who is part of the patrol, does not return. Fireheart returns to the scene of the attack, not knowing that Tigerclaw had led rogues to attack ThunderClan. Fireheart chases Whitethroat onto the Thunderpath, where he is hit by a monster. Tigerclaw attacks. Fireheart defeats Tigerclaw with the help of Stonefur's patrol, Tigerclaw tells Fireheart that he will kill ThunderClan warriors one by one.
Cloudpaw has been traveling to a Twoleg nest everyday, getting food from the Twolegs. When Fireheart finds out, he tells him to stop, but the apprentice refuses to listen, not understanding how far he was breaking the Warrior Code. Fireheart and Sandstorm follow him on one of his "outings," and helplessly watch as the Twolegs put Cloudpaw in a cage, and take him away in a monster. Fireheart says that he has lost everyone important to him in his Clan, and Sandstorm, who apparently has feelings for him, says that she had thought she had mattered to him, but that she must have been wrong. Fireheart feels bad, because the two had been growing very close. He apologizes at the fresh-kill pile, and is embarrassed to realize that his interactions with Sandstorm have been an interest to his Clan.
Soon after, Ravenpaw visits ThunderClan, but as he traveled through the forest to ThunderClan's camp, he is attacked by Fireheart, Sandstorm, and Brightpaw, who had not recognized Ravenpaw at first. Ravenpaw tells Fireheart that he found a white kittypet that was lost, and smelled of ThunderClan. Fireheart sends Brightpaw back to camp to tell Whitestorm where he has gone, and Ravenpaw takes Fireheart and Sandstorm to the Twoleg Nest. On the way, they are chased by some dogs. Sandstorm becomes suspicious of Ravenpaw, questioning whether or not he was leading them into a trap. Fireheart thinks that her fears are ridiculous, and he continues to follow Ravenpaw to Cloudpaw's Twoleg Nest. There, they rescued Cloudpaw from his captivity. On the way back to camp, they are attacked by Mudclaw, his apprentice, Webpaw, and the WindClan deputy, Deadfoot. After the battle, Fireheart brings Cloudpaw to camp, and asks Bluestar if he can stay. Bluestar agrees, and Fireheart suggests that Darkstripe tell the Clan that Cloudpaw will stay, as Darkstripe had been the cat to protest. Bluestar seems disturbed by his coming, but tells him that Darkstripe will tell the Clan.
Later that night, Fireheart is woken up by the smell of fire and alerts his Clan of the danger. When everyone is evacuating, they realize that Bramblekit is missing, along with Patchpelt and Halftail. He and Yellowfang return to camp and find Bramblekit stuck in a burning tree. Fireheart rescues him, and the tree falls, separating him from Yellowfang. He drags Patchpelt to the river, hoping to save him, but the elderly tom dies. They take shelter in the RiverClan camp. The next day, he and Graystripe go back to camp. Fireheart finds Yellowfang dying. Yellowfang tells him that she killed her son, Brokentail, not knowing that he already knew this. She asks Fireheart to thank Bluestar for allowing her to stay in ThunderClan, and admits that she wishes that Fireheart was her son. She dies shortly after this.
At the end of the book, Fireheart takes his Clanmates to the gathering, because Bluestar had refused to go. When they arrive, they find that Nightstar had died, along with his deputy, Cinderfur. This confuses Fireheart, as Nightstar only received his nine lives and name at the Moonstone a few moons ago. When the new ShadowClan leader finally arrives, Fireheart is horrified to find that Tigerclaw is ShadowClan's new leader.

A Dangerous Path

Several hunting and border patrols find remains of rabbits and fresh-kill, along with evidence of a dog by Snakerocks. Bluestar believes it is WindClan, despite Fireheart's warnings that it is actually a dog. She plans to attack, but Fireheart comes up with a plan to divert the battle behind Bluestar's back, by traveling to WindClan to speak with Tallstar and ask him to have a peaceful meeting with Bluestar to work things out between the two rival Clans. He asks WindClan to have Ravenpaw be the messenger to ThunderClan from WindClan. When he tells the rest of the warriors about what he has done, and asks for their help, most of them are angry, including Sandstorm, who even asks Dustpelt to tell him what a stupid idea that was, but to Fireheart's dismay he agrees with his plan.
The apprentices Cloudpaw, Brightpaw, Swiftpaw, and Thornpaw are long overdue for their warrior ceremony, but when Fireheart asks Bluestar about it, she says that only Cloudpaw will be made a warrior, as all the others' mentors are "traitors." Fireheart tries to convince her to rethink it, but she remains stubborn, and soon holds Cloudpaw's warrior ceremony, naming him Cloudtail.
Two apprentices, Brightpaw and Swiftpaw, devise a plan to rid the Clan the problem of the dog at Snakerocks and tells it to Ashpaw, Fernpaw, and Thornpaw. Swiftpaw says that if they get rid of it, Bluestar will notice them, and they'll be made warriors. In the end, the only ones to go through with it are Brightpaw and Swiftpaw. But what they find at Snakerocks isn't just a dog; it's a whole pack of them. Fireheart learns from Fernpaw the following morning where the missing apprentices went, and Cloudtail swears to "shred anything that's hurt Brightpaw." When they got there, they noticed Swiftpaw was killed, and Brightpaw was badly injured, as Cinderpelt was unable to save her eye and ear, and she was terribly scarred.
When the time comes for Bramblekit and Tawnykit to become apprentices, Fireheart asks Bluestar to choose mentors for them, but she tells him to choose. He chooses to be Bramblekit's mentor himself, and Brackenfur to mentor Tawnykit, even though Sandstorm was the obvious choice. She is furious at him for this and makes it a point to ignore him afterward. Fireheart cannot tell Sandstorm why he chose Brackenfur as Tawnykit's mentor: he wishes to protect her from Tigerstar, as he is afraid that the ShadowClan leader will harm the mentors of his kits.
Fireheart finds out that Tigerstar is feeding a pack of wild dogs, who had killed Swiftpaw earlier in the book, and at the same time brutally injured Brightpaw. They find a trail of killed rabbits leading to the ThunderClan camp as Tigerstar's bait for the dogs, and at the end of the trail, the queen Brindleface, brutally murdered to give the dogs a taste for cat blood. Cloudtail is outraged when he discovers this, claiming he would flay Tigerstar, and scatter his entrails from the ThunderClan camp to Highstones. Tigerstar's intention was for the dogs to devour the ThunderClan cats after learning to like cat blood. Fireheart and a few other cats attempt to break the trail up, but the blood has already stained the ground and the dogs are still surely going to come to the camp, so they give the call to evacuate. Every cat except for a select few, Fireheart being one of them, leaves for Sunningrocks. Fireheart tells them to "Climb a tree as soon as you get there." Before they leave to get rid of the wild dogs, Fireheart reveals to Sandstorm his love for her.
At the end of the book, while Fireheart is trying to get the wild dog pack to go over the gorge, Tigerstar stops him and pins Fireheart down. Bluestar shows up and knocks the dog that is attacking Fireheart over the edge of the gorge along with herself. Fireheart tries to save her by jumping in after her, but he almost drowns. Mistyfoot and Stonefur appear and, since they are RiverClan cats and swim well, help Fireheart carry Bluestar up on to the bank where the ThunderClan leader shares tongues with her children one last time. Bluestar dies, but not before telling Fireheart that he is indeed the fire that was prophesied to save ThunderClan. After his leader's death, Fireheart looks at Graystripe. Graystripe dips his head in the deepest respect, and Fireheart is horrified because he realizes he is now the leader of ThunderClan, and has lost the easy friendship he shared with Graystripe.

The Darkest Hour

After Bluestar's death, he travels to the Moonstone with Cinderpelt for his leadership ceremony. He receives his first two lives from Lionheart (courage) and Redtail (justice) Then he thanks Fireheart for "Revealing the truth when no other cat could." His next four were from Silverstream (loyalty to what is right), Runningwind (energy), Brindleface (protection), and then Swiftpaw (mentoring). Fireheart apologizes to Swiftpaw; however he is seen as having no anger in his eyes, only "wisdom beyond his age." The ceremony then continues, and Fireheart receives his next two lives from Yellowfang (compassion) and Spottedleaf (love). She then tells Fireheart to "use it for the cats in your care -- especially Sandstorm," confirming that his love for Sandstorm and they becoming mates was okay with her. His final life is given to him by Bluestar, and with her life she gives him nobility, certainty, and faith. Once Firestar receives his leader name, the ceremony is interrupted with chanting and by a pile of cat and prey bones rising out of the ground. Bluestar then gives him this prophecy: "Four will become two, Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and Blood will rule the forest."
Then blood flows out of the hill and he thinks he is going to be swept away by the rushing current. When he wakes up he imagines that he can still smell the stench of blood. On their way back they stop at the barn where Barley and Ravenpaw live and catch a few mice.
He gets back and Brackenfur wildly apologizes to him because he let Darkstripe, whom he was watching, out of his sight when Sorrelkit was fed the deathberries. Later, he exiles Darkstripe for his betrayal to ThunderClan, when he tried to kill Sorrelkit with deathberries after she had tracked him meeting up with Blackfoot, the ShadowClan deputy. Cloudtail complains about the cruelty of Lostface's name and asks if it could be changed. Firestar asks if that is possible and is told by Cloudtail if he thinks that Halftail and One-eye were born with those names, he's crazy. Firestar then goes to One-eye and is told how to perform the name-changing ceremony. Later, he renames Lostface as Brightheart.
Firestar and Sandstorm are apparent mates now. Though it is not directly stated until later books, Cinderpelt is in love with the ginger leader, though he never knows. She seems to flare up at Sandstorm a few times, but eventually the two warm up and become great friends.
Meanwhile, Tigerstar, leader of ShadowClan, tries to unite all four of the original Clans to form TigerClan. Only Leopardstar joins him, showing bad judgment as a leader. Tigerstar also brings BloodClan into the forest. He brings Scourge and BloodClan to a Gathering.
Scourge believes that Tigerstar is just a normal Clan leader, but then Firestar reveals to all the Clans, including BloodClan, Tigerstar's treachery, and Scourge then rips all of the ShadowClan leader's lives away when Tigerstar acts like Scourge is under his control.
Suddenly, Firestar realizes that Scourge is the real enemy. After wondering for a while what Scourge's weaknesses in battle are, Barley and Ravenpaw come to ThunderClan. Barley then tells him that he used to be a member of BloodClan, and that it was not a Clan at all, really, just a gang of vicious cats who fight for their own survival. Then Barley tells Firestar that Scourge's weakness is that he doesn't believe in StarClan. At first, Firestar is confused, until Barley explains that Scourge has one life, while Firestar has nine. Then, Firestar realizes how he can beat Scourge. He then convinces RiverClan's leader, Leopardstar and ShadowClan's leader, Blackfoot to join LionClan in the fight against BloodClan. They both agree, and the battle preparations began. He decides to teach the kits basic self-defense moves, and while training them, Sandstorm mentions how she would love to be Sorrelkit's mentor.
On the day of the battle, Firestar declines Scourge's offer, and the battle commences. Darkstripe is killed by Graystripe, and then that causes them to notice that Whitestorm is injured heavily by Bone, and Firestar rushes to his side. Whitestorm then tells Firestar that he knew he wanted Graystripe as his deputy. He then names Graystripe the new deputy, and when he asks if he's sure, Firestar responds, "Never surer."
Once he finds Scourge, the two begin battling. Scourge delivers a mortal blow to Firestar, causing him to lose the first of his nine lives. He is then met by Bluestar and Whitestorm, who inform him of his lost life. He then sees a faint outline of himself among the starry masses. Once he has healed, he goes back after Scourge. Scourge is blown away, as he believed Firestar to be dead. Firestar ends up killing Scourge, effectively ending the battle and ensuring peace in the forest at last.

In the New Prophecy Series


He is first mentioned by Cloudtail after Brambleclaw receives his dream from Bluestar, former leader of ThunderClan. Cloudtail complains that Brambleclaw was muttering in his sleep, rudely comparing him to Firestar.
He is next seen giving Sorreltail her long-deserved warrior name at sunset, as the stars were coming out. Right after the ceremony, he goes up to Brambleclaw, telling him he hunted well that day. Suddenly, he asks Brambleclaw is he misses Tawnypelt. Brambleclaw replies that he does, and Firestar says that he understands, since he realizes how close Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw are. He also admits that he misses Princess, too. He then leaves, and Brambleclaw wonders whether to tell him about the prophecy, but decides not to, since Firestar didn't receive anything.
Later, he orders Thornclaw, Brambleclaw, and Ashfur to patrol Snakerocks. Squirrelpaw goes with them and they discover a badger's nest near Snakerocks. When the patrol tells Firestar, he decides to keep a watch out for it.
Squirrelpaw gets punished for leaving with them and she has to serve Speckletail. Speckletail tells her stories about when Firestar was a young apprentice.
During the gathering, Firestar speaks first, telling the Clans about Sorrelpaw getting her warrior name, Sorreltail. Later, during the Gathering, he congratulates Hawkfrost for becoming a warrior.
He wants to check the border between ShadowClan, but Brambleclaw contradicts him, saying that they should check the border with WindClan, instead. Firestar stops to listen, and slowly agrees, sending the cats off to the border of WindClan.
Ravenpaw comes to visit Firestar, warning him about different monsters nearing the forest. Firestar receives the prophecy about the fire and the tiger from Cinderpelt and Leafpaw, he tries to keep Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw away from each other. He is rather harsh on them, ordering them to go on patrol, or to gather moss for the elders. He tries hard, for he thinks danger would come to the Clan if they were together.
After many attempts to keep the two cats away from each other, he fails. Firestar is very stressed out after their disappearance, and sends many patrols out to find the two. He often thought that he shouldn't have kept them apart from each other. He often blames himself that Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw have gone missing. Cinderpelt reveals that the fire might not have meant the end of the clan, but it could have meant that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight would work to keep the forest from danger. Firestar nods in approval, understanding, and waits patiently for them to return.
At the end of the book, Firestar and a couple other cats witness one of the first monsters that traveled away from the Thunderpath, and sent the first damage to ThunderClan territory by running over a tree.


Firestar starts to become more and more worried about many things. Firestar is very worried about the Twoleg construction, and is afraid that the forest has become too dangerous to live in. The forest is becoming a bad place for ThunderClan to live in, and the monsters are destroying more of the Clan's territory. To add on to that, Firestar is very worried about his daughter, Squirrelpaw, who had left with Brambleclaw, not telling anyone where they went. Graystripe helps the troubled leader cope with the disappearance, because Graystripe knows what it was like to live without a loved one. His other daughter, Leafpaw is trapped by Twolegs, while Sorreltail is powerless to help.


When the monsters are moving too near to the ThunderClan camp, Firestar has to move the Clan to Sunningrocks. Then, Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw return from the Great Journey, and, though he is overjoyed to see them, he is not completely sure about their idea of leaving.
Firestar is devastated when he finds out his friend, Graystripe, was captured by Twolegs, but his grieving is interrupted by Tawnypelt, who begs them to help save ShadowClan when their camp is being terrorized by monsters, and he brings his complete Clan and the whole of WindClan to help. Soon after beginning of their trek, Firestar sees a tree falling near Onewhisker, so he pushes him out of the way along with some ShadowClan kits. Though he saves others' lives, that does not prevent him from losing yet another life, leaving him only six. Firestar allows ShadowClan to stay with ThunderClan until it is time to leave. Firestar helps the Clans leave the forest and remains optimistic during most of the journey.


When the cats are at the lake, Firestar makes his daughter, Squirrelpaw, into a warrior, Squirrelflight. Onewhisker, along with Firestar and Brambleclaw, is told that he is to become deputy just before Tallstar's death. Barkface arrives soon after and believes that what the ThunderClan cats say about Onewhisker is true. Firestar tells WindClan about their new leader for Onewhisker in fear that no one would believe him.
On the night Mudclaw revolts, Firestar brings help to WindClan, and helps to drive away Mudclaw and his attempt to overthrow Onewhisker. He wrenches his shoulder, because he was battling two cats at once.


ThunderClan seem to be settling in alright. Firestar has still not appointed a deputy, with the faint hope that Graystripe may still be alive. ThunderClan has problems on their border with WindClan, though. Blackstar can't seem to contain his warriors, as it is ShadowClan that is the problem.
Firestar is also worried about Onestar and how his Clan are getting along. He sends some cats over to ask how they were doing, only to be told that Onestar can deal with his own Clan and their problems alone.
One night, badgers attack the camp as payback for them driving them out. Firestar fights alongside every warrior, and almost loses the fight. He would have lost, if it weren't for WindClan, who send a few warriors to help. This act loosens some of the tension between Firestar and Onestar. His daughter, Leafpool, and her forbidden love, Crowfeather, also come back to ThunderClan to fight the badgers. Firestar grieves for his former apprentice, Cinderpelt, when she dies protecting a kitting Sorreltail from the badgers.


After a long convincing by Sandstorm, Brambleclaw, and Stormfur, Firestar has to accept Graystripe's death and move on. He is close to appointing Brackenfur as his deputy, until Leafpool approaches him and tells him about her dream that Brambleclaw would protect the Clan. Firestar then names Brambleclaw his deputy, stating that he would mentor Berrykit when the kit was six moons old.
Firestar later gets caught in a fox trap when he is told by Birchpaw that Blackstar was on ThunderClan territory. It turns out to be a trap from Hawkfrost, who wants Brambleclaw to kill Firestar and become leader. Brambleclaw refuses and digs up the end of the trap, killing his half brother in the process. Firestar thanks Brambleclaw for showing his loyalty to the Clan and for not killing him.

In the Power of Three Series

The Sight

Firestar's duties continue as he witnesses the apprenticeship of his grandchildren, Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit. Firestar is the only one who knows that these three kits have the power of the stars in their paws.
Although his grandson, Jaypaw, is blind, he allows him to train as a warrior. When Hollypaw wants to quit being a medicine cat apprentice and train as a warrior, at the same time Jaypaw wants to leave his apprentice life behind, Firestar is skeptical that it wasn't planned, but goes along with it and allows Hollypaw to train as a warrior and Jaypaw as a medicine cat. He assigns Hollypaw the mentor of Brackenfur instead of Jaypaw's warrior mentor, Brightheart.
After many moons, Firestar's best friend, Graystripe, finds his way back to the Clans with his new mate, Millie. Even though he is pleased to see his friend, Firestar must choose who will be ThunderClan's deputy. After a long decision, his daughter, Leafpool, and his grandson, Jaypaw tell him that Brambleclaw should remain deputy. He realizes that that decision is probably for the best because Brambleclaw has been around their new territory longer and knows what is going on in the Clan.
When Jaypaw tells Firestar and Sandstorm of Tallstar's warning to Barkface about the dogs, Firestar ignores his warning, telling him that StarClan could be telling them to keep the look out for dogs, not take WindClan's territory.

Dark River

Near the beginning of the book, Hollypaw tells Berrypaw to only look at RiverClan territory, and not to hunt, and Graystripe teases Firestar by telling him that Hollypaw was competing with him for leadership. Firestar tells Graystripe that he doesn't have to worry until she's bigger.
Firestar reports at the Gathering that ThunderClan was doing well, and asks Leopardstar if she had news to share. She says that there was no news to share and that RiverClan was well, and Firestar told her he was happy to hear that.
When Leafpool tells Firestar that she had a dream about RiverClan, he asks if ThunderClan was mentioned in it, but she said no. Firestar asks her if there was any clear sign of what RiverClan's problem was, but Leafpool said no. Firestar tells her and Jaypaw that if RiverClan needs help they can ask ThunderClan when they need it, instead of trying to help them.
When Leafpool tried to get him to help, he gets angry at her, and tells her that Onestar has probably had enough of there meddling, and Blackstar looking to get even with ThunderClan. He says that he's only made ThunderClan the resentment and jealousy of the other Clans. Firestar holds a meeting to give Millie her warrior name, but Millie declines, saying that she wants to keep her name. Firestar accepts it, although the Clan doesn't, and he tells them all that it shouldn't matter if they have a warrior name or not, but the fact that they are loyal to their Clan. Hollypaw says that Brambleclaw should've spoken out, but Squirrelflight tells her that Brambleclaw is the deputy, which means he should support Firestar since he is the Clan leader, and she reminds her that Firestar once was a kittypet.
After Cinderpaw breaks her leg, Jaypaw tells Hollypaw to see Firestar because he must want to know what happened to Cinderpaw. A border patrol tells Firestar that WindClan almost crossed their border. Firestar tells them that if there is no scent of them across the border or any cats crossing over the border, then they should all just leave it alone.
At the next Gathering, Firestar doesn't mention WindClan's thieving and ThunderClan thinks he's scared. When Hollypaw sees that something was wrong with RiverClan, she asks Firestar to send a patrol to check on the Clan, but he refuses. Millie refuses her warrior name when he tries to give her one. Later, Onestar accuses him of stealing Sedgekit, Thistlekit, and Swallowkit, not knowing that they were lost in the tunnels. He is relieved when the apprentices show up with the kits and stop the battle, thanking them deeply.


In the beginning of the book, Firestar tells Lionpaw to rest since he worked hard all morning. He tells the border patrol to keep an eye out for WindClan, although things have been quiet since they found the missing kits. When Berrypaw tells everyone he passed his assessment, Brambleclaw says that it is up to Firestar to decide, and Firestar tells him that he'll gather the mentors and arrange the ceremony. Firestar gives Berrypaw, Hazelpaw and Mousepaw their warrior names, Berrynose, Hazeltail and Mousewhisker. Firestar goes on the evening patrol with Hollypaw and Brackenfur.
When Berrynose and Birchfall are caught crossing over ShadowClan border, Firestar tells Russetfur that it was a mistake and will not happen again. As punishment, Firestar makes the two do apprentice duties.
When Firestar finds two cats from The Tribe of Rushing Water, he welcomes them kindly and asks them to come and stay as long as they need to. He listens to the cats' story, and says it would be fine for Stormfur and Brook to go.
When Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight ask to go, he answers yes also, because those two cats know the Tribe better than any other cat, and the Tribe deserves help after what they did for the cats when they were journeying to the Lake. He also allows Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw to accompany the cats to the mountains.


Firestar was seen padding down from the highledge, along with Sandstorm. He gives Poppypaw and Honeypaw their warrior names, Poppyfrost and Honeyfern. He is also seen when he pulls Jaypaw out of the lake when he's trying to get his stick out of the water, then Firestar swims in to retrieve it himself. Firestar has some trouble with WindClan crossing the border. He tries to send some cats, but they are turned down by Ashfoot. Some cats want to fight, but he says no blood will be shed unless there has to be. When WindClan attack, Firestar fights against them. The ThunderClan leader directs his Clan into three patrols, himself leading one, to fight the three groups of WindClan. On his patrol, he finds the fox hole where WindClan was sneaking onto ThunderClan territory. He tells his warriors to cave in the hole, which started the fight by his patrol. At the end of the book, he gives two of his grandchildren and Cinderpaw their warrior names, naming them Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Cinderheart.

Long Shadows

When Lionblaze asks Ashfur for some battle training, Firestar is angry about this and yells at them, telling Lionblaze that he is a warrior now, and doesn't need any more training. He later becomes ill when greencough has spread around the camp. The catmint in ThunderClan territory dries out, so he and the other cats that had caught the sickness go into the old Twoleg nest. Firestar loses a life from the sickness; this is thought to have left him with five lives left. When catmint is found, they all recover and those who can go back to camp. Millie and Briarkit are the last to recover from the greencough, but everyone returns to camp and gets back to normal. It is later revealed that Ashfur was the one that helped Hawkfrost try to kill Firestar, since he was the father of Squirrelflight.


Firestar is worried that Sol might not be Ashfur's killer and starts to wonder if he was right to send the patrol to the sun-drown place. Later, he asks Leafpool if she can try to speak with Ashfur in StarClan and ask him who his killer was, but he is disappointed when she tells him that she can only speak to him if Ashfur comes to speak with her, and it isn't her choice about which StarClan cat to speak to. When Hollyleaf tells the Clans about their true parents, he is very surprised and shocked, but takes control over the Clan, saying that they need to stay strong, despite all that has happened.

In the Omen of the Stars Series

The Fourth Apprentice

In one of Jayfeather's prospects in the early chapters, Firestar loses a life when a fox attacked him. Jayfeather fears that the ThunderClan leader has lost his last life, but is relieved when he opens his eyes.
At the Gathering, Firestar reacts diplomatically to Leopardstar's claims that all the fish in the lake belong to RiverClan, saying that she wouldn't be able to do that, because she herself declared that the borders ended two tail-lengths from the shore. On the way home, he declares that ThunderClan will not attack any RiverClan cats patrolling the lake.
When Rainstorm is brought into camp, he, (though reluctantly) rejects Thornclaw's idea about keeping the RiverClan warrior as prisoner for extra fresh-kill, despite knowing how much food they did need. He then allows Rainstorm to stay in camp to rest before he is taken back across the lake by a patrol.
Later, Lionblaze convinces Firestar to send a patrol upstream to see if something is blocking the water, working off of Dovepaw's keen senses. He tells Firestar and everyone else that she had a dream from StarClan. Firestar agrees, and at the next Gathering proposes the idea to the other Clan leaders and gets them to agree with him. The next day, he announces to his Clan that Lionblaze and Dovepaw will go to represent ThunderClan.
He proudly welcomes the cats when they return, and briefly mourns the death of Rippletail when Lionblaze and Dovepaw report to him, but then is happy that they found the water.

Fading Echoes

Firestar apparently is now experimenting with many new training methods, such as asking Lionblaze and Cinderheart to teach Dovepaw and Ivypaw about climbing trees and hopping between them, as well as having apprentices practice hunting as pairs, and warriors practicing battle together in teams.
When Mistystar is on her way back from the Moonpool after receiving her nine lives, she stops to visit ThunderClan, and Firestar welcomes her as the new leader, as he has been good friends with both her and Bluestar, her mother.
After Dovepaw tries, along with Ivypaw, to check on Sedgewhisker in WindClan, and is brought back to camp, Firestar lectures both of them about keeping to their own Clan's business, and then takes Dovepaw, Lionblaze and Jayfeather aside. He reveals to them that he knows that they are the Three of the prophecy, but that he doesn't know anything more about the prophecy than they do, to their disappointment. He soon meets with the Three every so often, and asks them to report anything strange they see to him.
When ShadowClan scent is found on ThunderClan's side of the border, Firestar insists that they shouldn't make too much trouble over it, but says that he will mention it at the Gathering. When the Gathering comes, Blackstar says Firestar is falsely accusing ShadowClan, and that ThunderClan had been straying on ShadowClan's side of the border. He also declares that ThunderClan thought all the other Clans were indebted to them after the journey to find the water, when it had been an effort from all four Clans. Firestar and the rest of ThunderClan were angered by this, and tension escalates until the Gathering ends.
When Jayfeather is in StarClan with Yellowfang, he sees five of Firestar's lost lives. Yellowfang says that the spirits can not speak or hear now, but they will be able to once Firestar loses his final life.
When Ivypaw approaches Firestar telling him that she has had a dream that ShadowClan will try to take more of ThunderClan's territory after Firestar gave them the Clearing, he is skeptical at first. She is persistent, and eventually persuades him to fight ShadowClan over the piece of land. Firestar brings his Clan to battle, and they fight fiercely. At one point, Firestar is fighting Russetfur, and although Lionblaze pulls her off of him and accidentally kills her, he is badly injured and loses a life: leaving only three left.

Night Whispers

Firestar is first seen been dragged away at the end of the battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan. Lionblaze talks to Firestar about chasing after the fox by himself, Firestar reluctantly agrees, but also states that he must take Dovepaw with him, in case he needs help, or for necessary self-defense. He later challenges Blackstar at a Gathering about his forcing ThunderClan to give him catmint by imprisoning Ivypaw just for crossing the border. With ShadowClan not giving any answers, ThunderClan are forced to fend for themselves.

Sign of the Moon

He tries out a new assessment technique, pairing a warrior with a mentor, then assessing how the apprentice works hunting with a partner instead of hunting alone. After hearing of Icecloud's accident, he makes an announcement on the Highledge. Firestar addresses the Clan by assuring them that Icecloud will be okay, and that a barrier must be made around the hole. He also states that he will take a look at the hole for himself. Then, he asks for a report on the assessment of the apprentices. He then gives Dovepaw and Ivypaw their warrior names, naming them Dovewing and Ivypool.
Later, at the Gathering, he is described in Dovewing's perspective to be well muscled and sleek furred. Then Jayfeather comes to him to tell him about going to the Tribe. He declines and then is persuaded into it. He lets Dovewing go, but not Lionblaze, saying if there was a battle Lionblaze would be their best shot. Also he says to take Squirrelflight and Foxleap.
Later, Lionblaze mentions that it was Firestar's idea to go training in the nighttime, because Firestar wanted his Clan to have training in different ways.

The Forgotten Warrior

Firestar is seen having a conversation with Brambleclaw, Brightheart and Thornclaw. He comments on the peace between the clans.

Sorreltail tells Firestar about a fight that broke out between ThunderClan and WindClan. Firestar assures Birchfall and Ivypool (who were in the fight) that they hadn't done anything wrong or broken the Warrior Code.

Shortly after, Firestar decides to make Cherrypaw and Molepaw apprentices. Molepaw argues saying that he only wants them to be apprentices so they can do the nasty jobs, but this only amuses Firestar.

When Molepaw and Cherrpaw tell Firestar about the mysterious cat that saved them from the dog, he tells them that he will ask other warrior of anything suspicious they've seen.

Onestar accuses Firestar of plotting an attack on WindClan at a gathering. Firestar objects and asks if WindClan can identify the cats they saw on the border. Firestar wins the argument.

Brambleclaw, Lionblaze and Firestar discuss Onestar's accusations. Lionblaze tells them WindClan might be right, reminding them of the mystery cat Cherrypaw and Molepaw saw. Firestar agrees with him and lets him track down the mystery cat.

After Sol returns, Firestar agrees to let him stay one night. He seemed to disapprove at first but feels that they should let him stay when Poppyfrost and Berrynose thank him for saving the lives of their kits.

Brambleclaw tells Firestar that Sol will be a traitor to the clan. Firestar tells him the can't exile Sol without proof of his betrayal or he will cause trouble with other clans.

When Hollyleaf returns, he welcomes her into ThunderClan again. Dovewing returns from the tunnels and tells him of Sol and WindClan's plans to attack ThunderClan.

Firestar refuses to punish Hollyleaf after confessing to the murder of Ashfur, even though the clan disagrees. He states that living outside of the clan with her guilt was punishment enough.

He and the rest of the clan is shocked to find out that Cinderheart is a reincarnation of Cinderpelt. When she decides to be a medicine cat he approves but seems to be disappointed. This is probably because he wants his former apprentice to finally follow the path of a warrior.

Firestar calls Dovewing for a meeting and asks her to cast her senses to WindClan and find out what is going on. He tells her that Sol still has a score to settle with the clans.

The Last Hope

Coming Soon

In the Field Guide Series

Secrets of the Clans

Firestar introduces the reader to ThunderClan and describes how he became a leader. He said that he would lay down all of his nine lives for his Clan, just like his Clanmates would give their lives up for him. Firestar says that there is no Clan in the forest truer or braver than ThunderClan. He describes his Clan as the Clan of heroes, compassion, and destiny.
When Sandstorm shows the reader around the old ThunderClan camp, she tells the reader that Firestar asked her to show them around. She shows the reader Firestar's den and peeks around in it. Sandstorm thinks he must've left to go on a patrol, and she tells the reader that he sleeps beyond the lichen in his den. She says Firestar was a pudgy kittypet when she first met him, and that no one thought he would ever become leader. When Sandstorm talks to Leafpaw about Squirrelpaw, she tells her that she'll have a word with Firestar about letting her come to the Gathering.
When Squirrelflight shows the readers around ThunderClan's new camp, she jumps onto the Highledge and tells the readers that Firestar makes his announcements from there. When she accidentally calls a meeting, Squirrelflight brings the reader to hide in Firestar's den. She tells the reader that Firestar sleeps in a bed of ferns and moss, and accidentally messes it up, and asks the reader if they think he'll notice.
Firepaw is listed as one of Bluestar's apprentices.
Firestar is listed as one of ThunderClan's significant leaders. He is described as brave, intelligent, loyal - a natural leader. It is said that he has an unusually strong connection with StarClan. It also says he brought WindClan back after being exiled by ShadowClan, and uncovered Tigerstar's treachery. It states that he saved the clan from a terrible fire in the camp, and discovered Tigerstar's plan with the dog pack. Finally, it says that Firestar led the clans in battle against BloodClan, and kept the clans together as they found their new home.
Firestar is mentioned to have prophetic dreams, even when he was a kittypet.

Cats of the Clans

Firestar is said to have given his clan little chance to forget Firestar's kittypet origins, by bringing Cloudtail to the clan and Daisy to the nursery. Rock explains to the kits how Firestar's kittypet origins do not make him less of a warrior, and he wonders what Bluestar was thinking when she brought him into the forest.
Rock shows sympathy for Firestar, saying that he is hardly able to close his eyes without "some farsighted dream filling his mind," though admits that Firestar has handled this well. He wonders whether it took more than a Clanborn cat to discover Tigerstar's treachery, or bring WindClan back home when they were chased away by ShadowClan. He also says Sandstorm has forgiven Firestar for his kittypet roots. Rock wishes him nothing but peace, and a long life. Rock says, "Who knows how every one of Firestar's nine lives will end."
When Rock talks about Bluestar, Firestar is mentioned, if Bluestar took him over as her own kit, since she lost hers. He also said that Bluestar saw Firestar as a savior the moment the sun hit his flame-colored pelt. He says that Spottedleaf had said to Bluestar that Fire would save the Clan, so Firestar must have seemed like a gift from StarClan.
When talking about Graystripe, Rock says Graystripe was the first cat to befriend Firestar, when he came into the forest. He also says that they both share the same foolish generosity.
Rock says that Sandstorm won Firestar's heart after Spottedleaf died, and if it wasn't for her, Firestar might not have fought BloodClan at all. On Sandstorm's page, Rock says that Firestar had determination to save the forest from Scourge. Sandstorm made Firestar believe he was doing the right thing to fight the cats from Twolegplace. He says Firestar trusted her because she loved him above all, and would never sacrifice his life for the Clan. Rock says Sandstorm knows Firestar better than he realizes, better even than Spottedleaf and that Sandstorm isn't just his shadow either. Her courage had matched his on the journey to rebuild SkyClan, and matched Firestar blow for blow in the battle against the rats. He says he hopes Firestar appreciates her journey as much as she deserves.
On Squirrelflight's page, Rock says that The Great Journey proved that she had the courage of her father, Firestar.
When Rock talks about Cloudtail, he says that Cloudtail went back to his kittypet life, until StarClan and Firestar gave him a second chance by rescuing him.
Rock tells the reader that Firestar has waited a long time for Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw, but in dread, not hope, because how could any cat have more power than StarClan?
When talking about Tallstar, Rock says what was Tallstar to do when Firestar and Graystripe risked their lives to bring WindClan home? Also Tallstar trusted Firestar when he said that Bluestar was mistaken, and refused to fight ThunderClan.
It was said on Onestar's page, that Onestar was good friends with Firestar the moment they met on the journey back from the Thunderpath. Firestar believed that they could depend on their friendship forever, and was only too pleased when Tallstar switched his deputy at the last minute. Rock says Onestar knew that the clans would call him Firestar's kittypet, and would roll over and let him tickle his belly whenever it suited the ThunderClan leader. It was a hard lesson for Firestar to not have his old friend, but it was even harder for Onestar because he missed Firestar.
Firestar is mentioned twice on Leopardstar's page. Rock says that since Leopardstar saw Crookedstar's attitude towards half-Clan cats, she turned her back on Firestar and his Clan of kittypet warriors. He says that thanks to Firestar, she ended up on the winning Clan (LionClan) against the BloodClan cats.
On Feathertail's page, Rock tells the reader that Firestar, Graystripe and Ravenpaw saved Feathertail, Mistyfoot, and Stormfur when TigerClan held them prisoner.
Firestar is mentioned once when Rock talks about Hawkfrost. He says that it was Tigerstar's idea for Hawkfrost to plot with a ThunderClan enemy of Brambleclaw's to lure Firestar into a fox trap. Tigerstar underestimated Brambleclaw's loyalty to the Clan leader, so Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost and saved Firestar instead.
On Barley and Ravenpaw's page, Rock says that Firestar persuaded Ravenpaw to leave the forest and go live with Barley, or else Tigerstar would have killed him.
On Smudge and Princess' page, Rock says that Smudge was Firestar's neighbor when he was a kittypet, and Smudge wondered why Firestar (then Rusty) would've wanted to live with the Clans, but still stayed friends with him. He never forgot his friendship with Firestar, and allowed him to stay outside his Twoleg nest to dream of the SkyClan cats. Princess was Firestar's littermate who lived with different house folk. When she found out Firestar was the leader of a Clan of forest cats, she gave her first born kit, Cloudtail, to Firestar to bring to the Clan. Rock says Princess was a good friend of Firestar's and he says she still sits on her fence and looks out into the woods, wondering where he is and if he's safe.
When Rock talked about Cloudstar and Skywatcher, Firestar is mentioned a few times. Rock says that if kittypets like Firestar can catch mice and thrushes, surely forest-born cats can pick up those skills? Cloudstar said to Birdflight that he would wait for her forever, but they didn't meet again until Firestar and Sandstorm rebuilt their Clan. Also, Rock said that when Firestar and Sandstorm arrived at the gorge, Skywatcher was the last descendant of SkyClan.
On Leafdapple, Echosong and Sharpclaw's page, Rock says that Firestar invited Leafdapple (when she was a rogue) into the new SkyClan because she could leap high into trees, showing her SkyClan ancestry. Rock told the reader that Echosong had a dream of Firestar and Sandstorm before they found the gorge, and knew that these cats needed her help.
On Scourge and Bone's page, Rock says that Scourge killed Tigerstar and Firestar had to watch helplessly as Tigerstar lost all nine of his lives. In revenge, Firestar killed Scourge, losing one of his lives in the process.
He also hints that he knows how Firestar will lose each of his nine lives, but refuses to tell the kits.

Code of the Clans

In the beginning of the book, Firestar was mentioned in "Welcome to the Warrior Code" when Leafpool tells the reader that Firestar told her that they would be visiting that day. Firestar is featured as a young apprentice in Who Goes There? Whitestorm Teaches Border Tactics. He is still tormented by Sandpaw and Dustpaw, by Dustpaw trying to push him into brambles and Sandpaw preparing to put a fire ant in his pelt, but Whitestorm caught them every time. Whitestorm makes Firepaw go to the end of the line at first, and Sandpaw thinks he has fleas, to which her mentor denies.
When Whitestorm asks what a patrol might smell besides their own Clan's borders on a border patrol, Firepaw answers, saying the other Clans' scent. Firepaw indicates the rest of his "patrol" when Whitestorm demonstrates to them what happens when other cats cross their border.
In another part of the book, Sandstorm talks about her love for Firestar. She asks if Fireheart was just a kittypet, would he stop Bluestar from fighting with WindClan, would he had risked Bluestar's trust, or would so many of his Clanmates had supported him, even Whitestorm or Goldenflower. Sandstorm says that Dustpelt always told her that Fireheart can never be a true warrior because he wasn't born in ThunderClan. She states that he was a show-off when he first came to the Clan, always catching more prey, being the best in battle-training, or being the most solemn at Gatherings. She and Dustpelt could never figure out why Graystripe was friends with him because he didn't even seem to know what fun was. He always got into trouble, as Sandstorm said, like sneaking Ravenpaw out of camp, she saw him and Graystripe sneaking out of camp with Ravenpaw, then Fireheart came up with the excuse that Ravenpaw was killed. He always had annoyed Tigerclaw, she said, but now it looks like he was right, as Tigerclaw was the biggest enemy of ThunderClan.
She says Fireheart didn't just accept the warrior code; he thinks about it and figures out how it's supposed to work. Dustpelt told her that Fireheart doesn't belong in ThunderClan because the warrior code says to reject kittypets, but she said that they have to reject that life, not the cats. Sandstorm says Fireheart would argue with any cat, in or out of ThunderClan, if he thought they were doing the wrong thing, and she said she doesn't want to live in a clan that's always in war. She says Fireheart would stop a battle if it was unnecessary, and that's why Tallstar trusted him to make sure that ThunderClan and WindClan didn't fight. She told the reader that maybe a kittypet can know us better than we know ourselves, and maybe it takes an outsider to look into the truth, like Fireheart did with Tigerclaw. She wonders if he'll ever see the truth in her heart, however much Fireheart breaks the warrior code, she'll always love him more than any other cat. Finally, she asks that if he knew, would he love her back?

Battles of the Clans

Brambleclaw mentions to the reader that Firestar has started holding training sessions in the trees, so ThunderClan cats can learn to move among the trees and come down on the enemy from above. Buzzardstar also mentions how his former leader, Cloudstar, summoned Firestar to rebuild the old SkyClan, and Sparrowpaw excitedly tells Clovertail how Firestar related the famous sky-drop move to his sister's mentor, Sharpclaw.
He is also fleetingly mentioned in Tigerstar's tales of battles in the old forest; when he fetched back WindClan with Graystripe, when he arranged a chain of cats to keep the dog pack away from the camp, and when Tigerstar admits that Firestar showed great courage with BloodClan, and states that he'll need every whisker of it when they meet again.
The rogue, Nightwhisper, attempts to kill Firestar, who was then Fireheart, when Tigerclaw led his rogues on the ThunderClan camp. Fireheart fights back and gets away with Brackenfur's help.
Later, Graystripe relates a battle with the foxes, and mentions how Firestar and Sandstorm were away somewhere on a special mission.

In the Stand-Alone Manga

The Rise of Scourge

Although not mentioned by name, he is seen on a tree stump announcing Tigerstar's treachery.

In the Ravenpaw's Path Series

Shattered Peace

Firestar is seen once and briefly in the beginning of the book as Firepaw. He is seen with Ravenpaw and Graypaw while they are taking him to Barley's farm. He is not seen after that. It is also mentioned by Spottedleaf that Firestar would be able to help Ravenpaw and Barley in getting their farm back.

A Clan in Need

Firestar is first seen when Ravenpaw and Barley come to ThunderClan, asking for a battle patrol to come back with them and help get their barn back. When Ravenpaw asks, Firestar dodges the question, instead making an attempt to make Ravenpaw and Barley more comfortable staying in ThunderClan. When a patrol is attacked, Firestar is forced to admit the trouble that they are having from the BloodClan rogues' living in the Twolegplace and is also forced to admit that ThunderClan couldn't spare a battle patrol at the time.
When Ravenpaw and Barley return with Barley's sister, Violet, Firestar prepares to lead ThunderClan to attack BloodClan, he also tells his warriors to show no mercy, which is something he rarely would say. Once BloodClan is defeated and disbanded, Firestar informs Barley and Ravenpaw that ThunderClan will send a battle patrol and he would lead it himself.

The Heart of a Warrior

In this book, Firestar leads a patrol of ThunderClan cats to defeat the rogues who have taken over Barley and Ravenpaw's barn. At the barn, he gives out orders to set up a camp and hunt. After exploring the barn, Firestar tells the cats his plan to attack them. Later, at night, he leads the cats to the barn. When Snapper finds them, Firestar orders the patrol to attack. After the farmer yells at them to go, Firestar tells the ThunderClan patrol to meet up at the cowshed- their camp. Once they come up with another plan, Firestar and the patrol go to attack the rogues again. But when more rogues come, Firestar tells the cats to retreat and regroup. Firestar loses a life during the battle. After winning the fight, Firestar says goodbye and leaves.

In the The Lost Warrior Series

The Lost Warrior

Graystripe thinks about his first encounter with Firestar, and comments that he knew that Firestar was a real warrior at heart. He also has a vision of Firestar and other ThunderClan cats calling to him while he travels to search for his Clan.

Warrior's Refuge

Although he is not seen, when Mille scares off the dogs, Graystripe says, "I wouldn't be more surprised if Firestar floated out of the sky and licked me on the nose."

Warrior's Return

Firestar is the first cat to see Graystripe and Millie at the Gathering. He and Graystripe are extremely happy to see each other. The book ends just as Graystripe is going to introduce Millie to Firestar.

In the SkyClan and the Stranger Series

The Rescue

He does not appear, but Leafstar wonders why he didn't tell her about parenting kits and Echosong says it's probably because he's a tom and he didn't have that kind of problem. Leafstar names one of her kits Firekit in honor of him.

In the Short Stories and Plays

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

Firestar first finds two injured RiverClan warriors, Pouncetail and Otterheart, on his territory, coming from the ShadowClan border. He takes them back to his camp to be nursed by Leafpool.
Later, he calls a special Gathering before the full moon to discuss the troubles among the Clans: scarce prey, fighting along the borders, and the like. When the Clans decide they need to unite for a short time to survive, after the casting of stones as suggested by Jayfeather, he is elected as the leader for the united Clans for that time.

Beyond the Code: Brightspirit's Mercy

Firestar appears at the first Gathering. He is reluctant to reveal that ThunderClan has plenty of prey during leaf-bare whilst the rest of the Clans are starving, in case they try to steal prey from ThunderClan's territory. When he doesn't talk much, Blackstar asks if he is too scared to admit that his Clan is going hungry, when it is really the opposite.

After Sunset: The Right Choice?

Brightheart watches Firestar while he sleeps after being caught in a fox trap. His neck is bruised, and he is not able to eat or speak.

The Elders' Concern

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Firestar and Cinderpelt relationship


  • In a chat with Erin Hunter, it is revealed that Scourge and Firestar share the same father, thus Firestar is a half-brother to Scourge, Ruby, and Socks. In the same chat, it is also revealed that he loses a life helping Ravenpaw and Barley.
  • The only cat Firestar ever killed was his half-brother, making him similar to Brambleclaw (Brambleclaw only ever killed his half-brother, Hawkfrost)
  • Firestar, Princess, Scourge, Ruby and Socks' father isJake, a kittypet that appears in Bluestar's Prophecy.
  • Firestar may have been based on a cat Kate Cary knew.
  • The Hunters believed that after the first series, Firestar's story was pretty much over, so they started the next series from a fresh viewpoint.
  • Firestar's eyes have been mistakenly described as amber.
  • In Fire and Ice, he is mistakenly called Firepaw when he had received his warrior name already.
  • In The Sight, he is mistakenly called Firestorm, which is most likely confused with Sandstorm.
  • In Sunset, Tigerstar mistakenly mentions Firestar having seven lives left, when actually he only had five left (he lost one fighting Scourge, one fighting off rats for SkyClan, one while helping Ravenpaw and Barley, and one while saving Onewhisker).
  • In Eclipse, Tigerstar is mistakenly called Firestar.
  • On the cover of The Darkest Hour, Firestar's eyes are mistakenly shown as pale amber.
  • Fireheart is mistakenly shown with amber eyes in the cover of Forest of Secrets.
  • Leafstar's kit, Firekit, is named after him, and her other kit, Stormkit, after Sandstorm.
  • In The Darkest Hour, he is mistakenly called as Fireheart when he had already recieved his leader's name.
  • He has been mistakenly described as golden.
  • He has never had feelings for Cinderpelt
  • Kate confirmed that he died from his wounds, and the burning branch was just a symbol of his prophecy (Fire will save the Clan) ending. Dovewing only imagined the branch killing him and his spirit leaving.
  • He lost his eighth life sometime between The Forgotten Warrior and The Last Hope, but it is never explained how he lost it.
  • When the elders - Halftail, Patchpelt, Dappletail, and Smallear - talk about the late appointment of Firestar (then Fireheart) as the new deputy. Patchpelt, Dappletail, and Smallear believe it is a sign that ThunderClan is breaking up, since the naming ceremony is late and Fireheart is a former kittypet. Patchpelt assures the elders that Fireheart isn't the rightful deputy, and Dappletail and Smallear agree. Halftail watches in dismay as they give up faith in Bluestar and Fireheart.