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Hollyleaf is a black she cat with green eyes.

Current: ThunderClan

Past: Loner

Rank: Warrior

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: killed by Hawkfrost .

Residence: StarClan

Age: Approx. 36 moons (3 years) at time of death.


Kit- Hollykit

Medicine Cat Apprentice- Hollypaw

Apprentice- Hollypaw

Warrior- Hollyleaf

Loner/Rogue- Hollyleaf

Warrior- Hollyleaf


Mate- Fallen Leaves

Foster Mother- Squirrelflight

Foster Father- Brambleclaw

Mother- Leafpool

Father- Crowfeather

Brothers- Lionblaze, Jayfeather

Half-Brother- Breezepelt

Grandmothers- Sandstorm, Ashfoot

Grandfathers- Firestar, Deadfoot

Great Grandmothers- Brindleface, Nutmeg (kittypet)

Great Grandfathers- Redtail, Jake

Great-Great Grandfathers- Fuzzypelt, Adderfang

Great-Great Grandmothers- Robinwing (ThunderClan), Swiftbreeze

Aunt- Squirrelflight

Uncle- Eaglekit

Grand-Aunt- Princess

Grand-Half Aunts- Ferncloud, Ruby

Grand-Half Uncle- Ashfur (ThunderClan)

Great-Great Aunts- Spottedleaf, Willowpelt, Leopardfoot, Frostfur

Great-Great Uncles- Ravenpaw, Dustpelt,Patchpelt

Distant Relatives- Wind, Gorsestar, Birdflight, Cloudstar, Spottedpelt, Gorseclaw (ThunderClan)