Into the Wild is the first book of the first series.
Into the wild cover2

Fire alone can save our Clan...

For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by the powerful ancestors. But the warrior code is threatened, and the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger. The sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying -- and some deaths are more mysterious than others.

In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary housecat named Rusty . . . Who may yet turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all.


  • Into the Wild was released on January 21, 2003.
  • It was written by author Kate Cary.
  • The dedication reads "For Billy- who left our Twoleg home to become a Warrior. We still miss him very much. And for Benjamin- his brother. Who is with him now in StarClan."
  • The cat in the square on the cover is Firepaw. The main cover is presumably Rusty and Graypaw's first encounter.

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