"If you reach Sparkpelt, tell her I love her. Tell her not to be unhappy. I'll take care of Flickerkit until she can join us. But she has to be happy. She has to make a life without me. I don't want her to grieve."
Larksong to Squirrelflight in Squirrelflight's Hope, page 364
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Approx. 24 moons (2 years)




Mentor- Rosepetal

Apprentice- Finleap








Mother- Lilyheart

Father- Snowbush

Sisters- Leafshade, Honeyfur

Adopted sister- Twigbranch

Foster sister- Violetshine

Mate- Sparkpelt

Daughter- Finchpaw

Sons- Flamepaw, Flickerkit

Larksong is a black tom.

Larksong was a ThunderClan warrior under Bramblestar's leadership in the lake territories. Larkkit was born to Snowbush and Lilyheart with his sisters Leafshade and Honeyfur, and Twigbranch as an adoptive sister. He later became apprenticed to Rosepetal as Larkpaw, and soon earned his warrior name, Larksong. He became close with a fellow warrior, Sparkpelt, and the two developed feelings for one another. He was also appointed mentor to Finleap and helped train the tom despite his disability. After he and Sparkpelt became mates, Larksong fell ill to prey sickness. When Sparkpelt went into labor, he managed to get himself to his mate's side and died beside his new family. He went to StarClan, naming his stillborn son Flickerkit in the process.

A Vision of Shadows

Alderheart: "Tell me about Larksong. Do you really like him?"

Sparkpelt: "Yeah. A lot. But... I don't know. I want to enjoy being a warrior right now. I don't want to get serious. But I like being with Larksong, and I think he likes being with me. Do you think he likes being with me?"

Alderheart: "Why wouldn't he? You're funny and smart and a great warrior."

Sparkpelt and Alderheart Darkest Night, page 200

He is the only tom of Lilyheart and Snowbush, and gains Twigbranch as a foster sibling. He is later apprenticed to Rosepetal and later becomes Larksong. During this time, he becomes close to a fellow warrior, Sparkpelt, and often spends time with her. Sparkpelt admits to her brother Alderheart that she likes him but isn't sure he likes her back. Despite being a relatively young warrior, Bramblestar appoints Larksong the mentor to Finleap, and Larksong trains him despite his disability, though Larksong becomes distracted with Sparkpelt flirting with him.

Squirrelflight's Hope

"ThunderClan has lost two brave warriors, for I know Larksong's kit would have followed in his father's paw steps. Larksong was always kind to his Clanmates and loyal to his Clan. May StarClan welcome him with open hearts. He can never be a father to his kits here, but his memory will live on in them and in the hearts of the cats he's left behind. We will miss him and the kit we never had the chance to know."

Bramblestar at Larksong's and Flickerkit's vigil Squirrelflight's Hope, page 263

In Squirrelflight's Hope, he is revealed to be the father of Sparkpelt's kits, a choice Squirrelflight happily approves of. He spends a lot of time with his expecting mate and is excited to be a father. However, he contracts a sickness that is unable to respond to treatments, slowly getting weaker. When Sparkpelt's stress causes her to go into labor early, Larksong witnesses the birth of his kits; Finchkit, Flamekit, and Flickerkit, but dies shortly after. His death, along with Flickerkit being stillborn, sends Sparkpelt into a deep depression. When Squirrelflight dies and goes to StarClan, Larksong greets her, admitting he feels guilty for not being there to support his mate and kits. He tells Squirrelflight to make sure Sparkpelt knows he loves her and wants her to be happy.


Interesting facts: Larksong has kittypet blood through Cloudtail.


He was mistakenly called gray-and-white.

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