Naming in a ClanEdit

names may use things like:

Colors and Patterns- White, Dark, Spotted, red

Attributes- Brave, Swift, Sweet, wild

Body parts- Claw, heart, fur, pelt, tail, whisker

Plants-holly, birch, flower, maple

Animals-bird, robin, tiger, squirrel, hawk

nature-stone, steam, cloud, dew, rock, mud, sun, moon

phenomena-fire, mist, rain, storm, night, morning

action-pounce, leap, running, jump, fall

Clan names:

-Kit= kitten, -paw= apprentice, -star= leader

Naming in a tribeEdit

Naming in a tribe is after the first thing the mother sees when the kit is born like

Rock beneath still water or for short Rock

or the first thing they hear

Screech of angry owl or for short screech

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