Omens are very similar to Prophecies but are not always in words but in signs that usually a medicine cat can read.

In the Super Edition SeriesEdit

Bluestar's ProphecyEdit

Flattened FurEdit

It was a bit of flattened fur on a piece of fresh-kill, thought to be a sign that WindClan would attack ThunderClan because it looked as if the forest was flattened by wind.

Catmint in FurEdit

A piece of catmint was found in the fur of the prey with flattened fur, thought to be a sign that they should defeat WindClan by destroying their medicine supplies.

Clouds Moving Across SkyEdit

Goosefeather interpreted that they way these clouds were moving across the sky meant that Bluekit and Snowkit's apprentice ceremony would come early.

Gleaming BloodEdit

Thistleclaw's pelt was drenched with blood and it was oozing out of his fur, the only cats that could see this were Bluefur and Goosefeather, this was showing ThunderClan's future if Thistleclaw became leader.

SkyClan's DestinyEdit

Flood in the GorgeEdit

Leafstar had a dream that a flood drowned the cats in the gorge, this means that greater storms were coming for SkyClan

Crookedstar's PromiseEdit

Crooked-jawed SquirrelEdit

This meant Crookedjaw would become deputy of RiverClan, Mapleshade later reveals she planted this omen.

In the Original SeriesEdit

Into the WildEdit

Torn CollarEdit

Rusty's collar broke off of him in his fight with Longtail. This meant that Rusty has broke free of his kittypet life and was excepted by StarClan and shall become a ThunderClan apprentice.

Fire and IceEdit

An Unnecessay DeathEdit

Barkface saw red clouds moving across the sky and interpretted this as the day would bring an unnecessay death, later revealed to Whiteclaw of RiverClan.

StarClan's AngerEdit

This is when at a gathering (which is supposed to be of peace of all four clans) and a fight breaks out, StarClan will send their anger by sending clouds to cover the moon and the gathering disperses, this happens in many other books but was first introduced in Fire and Ice.

Forest of SecretsEdit

Fresh Kill turning to CrowfoodEdit

A magpie turned to crowfood which represented that Bluestar's leadership of ThunderClan will slowly rot away from the inside.

Rising StormEdit

Beam of Light From a StarEdit

A single star sending a frail beam of light meant that StarClan is still with ShadowClan and that they will have a bright, glorious, new future.

Owl's wing blocking lightEdit

An owl's wings block a single star in the sky and when it is gone so is the star, this means that ShadowClan will pay a great price for their bright new future.

In the New Prophecy SeriesEdit


Fire and TigerEdit

Cinderpelt saw a vision of a giant tiger leaping into flames. Tigerstar's son and Firestar's daughter would unite and find a new home for the clans. Cinderpelt misinterpreted this at first and thought that they would unite and destroy the clans.

Moth's WingEdit

A moth's wing was found outside Mudfur's den as an omen that Mothwing was to become his apprentice medicine cat. It was later revealed that Mothwing's brother Hawkfrost planted this sign.


Death and DangerEdit

All the medicine cats saw (excluding Mothwing who doesn't believe in StarClan) glistening teeth and heard a voice say death and danger was coming, this was a warning about the badger attack


Three StarsEdit

Three stars that shown in the sky represented three cats that Leafpool had not yet met that would shape her destiny forever, these are most likely her kits.

Starry PawprintsEdit

Leafpool saw a vision of winding pawprints that were made of stars, it meant that Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw's destiny couldn't be changed by any cat.

Brambles with clawsEdit

Leafpool had a vision of brambles guarding the camp but they were made of claws. This meant Brambleclaw should be ThunderClan's deputy.

Two StonesEdit

Mothwing reported having a dream of two stones in the river that were different from the others and didn't fit so RiverClan had two things in it (Stormfur and Brook) that didn't fit and needed to leave. She faked this dream for Hawkfrost.

Butterfly's WingEdit

Leafpool saw a torn butterfly wing which caused her to know what Hawkfrost did to make his sister a medicine cat.

In the Power of Three SeriesEdit


Solar EclipseEdit

In the middle of a battle with all four clans a total solar eclipse happened causing the battle to break up and everyone scattered.

In the Omen of the Stars SeriesEdit

Night WhispersEdit

Engulfed in WaterEdit

Flametail kept having visions of being surrounded by dark water. Later revealed to be an omen of his death.

In the Field Guide SeriesEdit

Code of the ClansEdit

The OwlEdit

When a kit is playing with fresh kill an owl swoops down and takes the food and not the kit, this meant that the prey was killed only to be eaten.

Fallen BranchEdit

A giant branch falls on all four clans during a gathering, this means that you should not hunt or tresspass on other clan's territory.

Drenched in BloodEdit

There was a vision of Mossheart covered in blood making it hard for her to breathe, this meant that an honorable warrior does not need to kill to win their battles.

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