Pinestar and Leopardfoot were mates dispite their age difference. They had two daughters, Nightkit and Mistkit, who died and one son, Tigerstar. Their kits were only a few weeks old when Pinestar decided to leave ThunderClan to be a kittypet. This upset Leopardfoot, but did not stop Pinestar. Leopardfoot even asked Pinestar, "But Pinestar, what about our kits?" Their two daughters died shortly after, only to add to her grief. This marked the end of their relationship. They had no interaction after this. Even though their relationship was never really obvious in Bluestar‘s prophecy, we can predict that they love each other. Some may think that you would have to ask the Erin’s in person.

Some also state this is the obvious reason Tigerstar ended up hating kittypets, after his father left him to become one himself. Just to understand how big the age difference is, imagine this; when Leapordkit was born, Pinestar was leader. However, they ended up having kits together, so we can only assume it worked well for that period of time before Pinestar resigned.

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