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Chat Punishments

If you are expressing aggressive or mean behavior, you will recieve two warnings before you are kicked off the chat. After that, when you return to the chat, if you express this behavior again you will kicked off without warning.

If you try to gain personal information from anyone, i.e. phone number, adress, email etc., you will be immeadiately kicked off with no warning and most likely banned from the wiki for two weeks to a month.

Vandalism Punishments

The vandalism punishments vary on what the vandalism is: for minor vandalism. you will be banned anywhere from a day to a week; for repeat offenses of minor vandalism or major vandalism, you can be banned from a month to a year or kicked of the wiki.

Negative opinion punishments

If you have a negative opinion on a book, clan, character, etc., then you shouldn't post your opinion on the page comments. The comments are for positive opinions or advice to make the page better. If you have a negative opinion, keep it for your blog or profile page, a place to express yourself. If you do put a negative opinion on the comments, you will recieve two warnings. If you continue this behavior, you will be banned for a week, and repeat offenses will get you banned longer.

Cursing punishments

Cursing and foul language is not permitted. If you do use foul language on the chat, in comments, profile pages, talk pages and blogs (all of which will be monitered or if someone else reports you and we confirm it), then you will be banned for a month or longer if you repeat the offense.

Trashing punishments

If you are trashing a specific user or rule on the chat, comments, profile pages, talk pages, or blogs, you will be banned for several months to a year. If you have a problem with a user, go to administration for help before you get yourself punished.

Final Word

We don't mean to be rude or mean in any way. Both of us love randomness and having fun. However, there are some boundaries that can be crossed, and then it's not fun anymore. Remember, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Thank you for your cooperation, and always, may StarClan light your path.

Co-founders of the Ultimate Warrior Cats Wiki, Redfern123 and Cinderblaze12.