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So you know how some people turn off the tv or mute it when another person comes in the room so they can talk to them or you go to answer the door and turn it off....I am not one of those people, really is the sound from the tv too much to bear.

Do you wanna know what irks me. It's a pet peev of mine. When you tell someone a story or a joke or something and two seconds later (without asking) they turn around and tell someone else like it was their story, without even acknowleding that you're the one who told it first then when you try and take credit nobody even realizes it was your story originally! Frustrating!

different fandom? SHIP THEM ANYWAY

different species? SHIP THEM ANYWAY


arch enemies? SHIP THEM ANYWAY!!!!!!

  • listening to Taylor Swift*

Friend:Wow Im speachless

Me: i know right isnt taylor swift awsome

Friend: No i hate her

    • 5 mins later**

Police:so he just magicaly fell out the window

Me: yup


My Jokes on songs

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, or paralizes you. Either way..... (stronger Kelly Clarkson)

Songs are like candy...they're better without the (w)rappers (any song)

I've been waiting all day for you to call me baby so lets get up lets get on it dont you leave me brokenhearted tonight come on thats right honest baby I'll do anything you want to so can we finish what we started dont you leave me brokenhearted tonight come on thats right FRUIT LOOPS (brokenhearted Karmin)

Starships were meant to die! (starships Nicki Minaj)

You'll find us chasing the sun...but the sun doesn't move, how do you chase it? (chasing the sun The Wanted)

Cuz i was born this i was born this i was born this way...well actually i was born naked in a hospital (born this way Lady Gaga)

I'm wide awake I'm wide awake I'm wide awake SHUT UP AND GO TO BED (wide awake Katy Perry)

you show the lights that stop me....is it a red light? (lights Ellie Goulding)

You be the prince and I'll be the princess its a love story baby just say yes....I have to be the prince? Nah imma girl (love story Taylor Swift)

even when your sleeping keep your eyes open....THEN HOW DO I GET ANY SLEEP! (eyes open Taylor Swift)

Chase you down until you love me papa-paparazzi....you do know stalking is illegal right? (paparazzi Lady Gaga)

10 ur beautiful 9 ur amazing 8 ur contagious everytime that i look at you 6 your a star 5 who you are 4,3 know you want me, don't you know that i want you 2.....what happened to 7, did it get arrested cuz 7 ate 9 (countdown Victoria Justice and Leon Thoman III)

Cuz you know I'd walk a thousand miles to just see you......I think my feet would hurt...can i just take a plane instead? (a thousand miles Vanessa Carlton)

I set fire to the rain....but wouldn't the water in the rain just put the fire out? (set fire to the rain....Adele)

who you are is not what you did your still an innocent.....even serial killers? (innocent Taylor Swift)

Finally falling falling OFF A CLIFF (finally falling Victoria Justice)

Keep bleeding keep keep bleeding the love.....really I bleed blood (bleeding love Leona Lewis)

I gotta pocket got a pocket full of sunishine....LUCKY i looked in my pocket and found string! (pocket full of sunshine Natasha Bedingfield)

This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me.....are you ever going to specify which part of you that is????? (Part of Me Katy Perry)

so call me maybe....can someone just please call her and end this already!!!!??? (call me maybe Carly rae jepson)

Names I have issues with (you'll understand when you read my scenes)


clanmate "Hey, Archeye, your name does that mean you have a nasty eye twitch!?"

Archeye "for the last time I don't even know what an arch is!"

clanmate "maybe it means ur eyes are too big!"


Leafstar "okay billy you are part of our clan now but you can only have half a name BILLYSTORM!"

billystorm "okay just because im only here half the time doesn't mean i cant have a normal warriors name!"

Leafstar "I make the rules around here! Got it!"


clanmate "You know last time i checked bees had yellow too..."

blackbee "I don't choose my name!"

clanmate "why bee? what kind of suffix is bee anyway!"


OH no the fire is bouncing quick get a fire extinquisher but don't put it by firestar!


leader "quick braveheart go attack all four of those starving badgers"

braveheart "but im scared"

leader "You cant be scared i named you braveheart for a reason YOU CALLIN ME A LIAR!"


congratulations you've achieved genaric


leader "cloudpaw, from now on you will be known as cloudberry"

cloudberry "what kind of berry is a cloudberry I WANT ONE!"


mentor "crouch, crouchpaw, crouch! U must its your name, its your destiny!!!!"


mother "oh know my newborn kit is drifting away in the river"

father "well then we better name him driftkit!"


Im sorry but one it doesn't even look right and realy Eeltail, that is the picture of a mother who hates her kit


Mother "he fell down. Lets name him fallenkit"

leader "what kind of warriors name am i going to give a cat named Fallenkit? Thats really stupid"



clanmate "quick get the funnel!"

Fennelstar "yeah, i don't even KNOW WHAT THAT IIIIIIS! for the last time its fennel not funnel!"


Im sorry but last time i checked that was what they used as an insult. Be insulted foxheart, be very insulted.


okay so you have this kit. Like all other kits i assume it was born with blue eyes so you name it greenkit because you have premonitions and know that it is going to have green eyes so the leader is so uncreative that he/she names her greeneyes because they can't think of anything else.


leafstar "his name is harrykit"

clanmate "like hairy as in a lot of hair"

leafstar "no we named him after a villian"


if i have to even explain this to you then you are just stupid


okay so scroll back up to Cloudberry and insert hay where ever you see cloud and you have the idea


  • warrior ceremony and hollowpaws stomach growls*

leader "Hollow...uh belly! Yeah that works...what a stroke of genious!!"


okay so like hollows can fly now!?


so we meet another cat who's stomach growled at the warrior ceremony, just like hollowbelly


mother "Lowkit"

father *sings* "And if you know How do you get up from an all time low I'm in pieces Seems like peace is The only thing I'll never know How do you get up Get up"


okay i revoke my previous comment, this is the picture of a mother who hates her kit


I don't think i quite get this one

(more coming soon)

  • names that are just offensive

Brokentail, Lostface, Clawface, Crookedstar, Deadfoot, Halftail, Heavystep, Jaggedtooth, Kinktail

Are You a Warriors fan?

Here are a few ways to know if your a warriors fan, I found most of these on the internet, sadly most of them are true, or is that good??

You say Oh Great StarClan and OGSC,(yes) you shout "Spottedleaf show me the way",(guilty as charged) you say moons instead of months (yes), You want to follow a shooting star (of course!), you're scared of clouds covering the moon (duh!), You say mouse dung and fox dung instead of crap (I get dirty looks when I do that in front of teachers/adults), when people get too close you say they are in your territory instead of saying they are in your personal space, and you hate it (yes), you're scared of running across he road (duh!), you say thunderpath, monster, twoleg, etc. (okay i admit it, yes), you're afraid of crippling your leg like Cinderpelt (kinda), you make warriors pairings for fun (what warriors fan doesn't), you call you nails claws and you are growing them out (i do call them claws and I'm trying to grow them out), you want to be a cat and join a clan (who doesn't want to be a clan cat), you wanna tease every one in thunderclan cuz you know all their weaknesses (kinda yeah....), your scared to go in garages because the monsters are in there (okay a little), you write fanfiction and create your own cats, and clans (yes) you want a warriors movie (no durp!) you say for starclan's sake or for the love of starclan (guilty), you have (or tried), to memorize all the medicine cat herbs (yes i tried but couldn't), you know all the prophecies and meanings and book titles by heart (i do), you take warriors quizzes online (all the time) you come up with what your warrior name and description would be (yes) you've read every book, super edition, manga, field guide, short story, and play and have been to the website (yes) you downloaded the warriors app (i would if i had an ipad, iphone, or ipod touch)

Heavystep the ever living!

Okay so what up with you? Were you secretly a leader we didn't know about and only had three lives then retired? Were their three brown tabby RiverClan elders named Heavystep at the same time? Or like when you died, in sunset, you were alive so after they burried you you clawed your way out and then when you died in long shadows they had to unburry you and then you died for real in between sunrise and the fourth apprentice, or are you going to pop up alive again!

Lord of the Rings

Okay, so I know that this is the Warriors Wiki, but I'm pretty obsessed with LOTR! I even have my own one ring! I would love to also have replicas of Aragorn's ring and Arwen's necklace she gave Aragorn. Those movies are my favorite movies and I'm in the process of reading the books and I can already tell I love them :D I love the characters Legolas and Aragorn cause they are awesome. Bag on them and I might let Aragorn behead you, like he did five other human-orc things. I also like Arwen, cause, she-elf, c'mon who doesn't like she-elves! I think Lothlorien and Rivendell are really pretty. I found a website online that teaches you how to write in elvish. If you can't already tell I love the elves! I love AragornXArwen, as for Eowyn, Arwen gave up her immortality for him, so, I think she wins, so BACK OFF, HE'S TAKEN! Legolas is awesome, he never misses with his bow and arrow!!! Aragorn is awesome, he beheads orcs!! If I could be anywhere I would be in Middle Earth. If I had to be somewhere real, it'd be New Zealand because that's wear they filmed LOTR! I like to call Denathor "Daddy Dearest" because he didn't try to burn Faramir alive or anything....okay so he did and it's not like I love that quote or anything....okay so I do "Denathor's lost his mind! He's burning Faramir alive!!!" Oh, gotta love Daddy Dearest. He's such a fruit loop. If you can't already tell, if I could be any race from LOTR I would be an elf, more specifically a she-elf. I could probably go on about this forever.....so kk, byeeee!

Oh, and this is a combination of three poems I found on Aragorn that I lumped together, so enjoy

Aragorn, Ranger from the North

called Strider, Dunadan of great worth.

Heir of Isildur, taking on that guilt.

Rightful King of Gondor, by Numenoreans built.

An Elven-maid called Arwen he loved

And thought of while through Middle-Earth he roved.

Befriended by Gandalf, great of his Order,

Traveling the World from Eriador to Mordor.

After the War he finally took his place

As King of the dwindling Numenorean race

All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be Blade that was Broken,

The crownless again shall be king.

Where now are the Dunedain, Elessar, Elessar?

Where do thy kinsfolk wander afar?

Near is the hour when the lost should come forth,

And the Grey Company ride from the North.

But dark is the path appointed to thee:

The Dead watch the road that leads to the Sea.


Who knew Gandalf was Nicholas Cage??