userboxes can be put on pages by putting the template name inbetween {{ }}

4thwall This user has red fur, like Firestar
Abc This User has brown hair but wishes they were a gray cat!
Mr. Sikowitz This User has Brown Hair!
1Dustpelt This user is Loyal like Dustpelt
Daisy This user is paranoid like Daisy
template: ParanoidLikeDaisy
1squirrelpaw This User is stubborn like Squirrelpaw
template: StubbornLikeSquirrelpaw
1moonflower This User is loving like Moonflower
template: LovingLikeMoonflower
1windclan This User is easily-offended like WindClan
template: EasyLikeWind
1squirrelflight This User is feisty like Squirrelflight
template: FiestyLikeSquirrelflight
1cloudtail This User is devoted like Cloudtail
template: DevotedLikeCloudtail This user is talkative like Cinderpaw
template: TalkativeLikeCinderpaw
11petalfur This User is open-minded like Petalfur
template: OpenLikePetalfur
1lionpaw This User is cheerful like Lionpaw
template: CheerfulLikeLionpaw
3ferncloud This User is sweet like Ferncloud
template: SweetLikeFerncloud
1tawnypelt This User is determined like Tawnypelt
template: DeterminedLikeTawnypelt
1riverclan This User is smart like RiverClan
template: SmartLikeRiver
1jayfeather This User is sarcastic like Jayfeather
template: SacrcasticLikeJayfeather
1brambecaw This User is caring like Brambleclaw
template: CaringLikeBrambleclaw
Mousefur grumpy This user is grumpy like Mousefur
template: GrumpyLikeMousefur This user is wise like Bluestar
Screenshot 20190427-110448
template: WiseLikeBluestar
Leafpool calm This user is calm like Leafpool
template: CalmLikeLeafpool
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