Yellowfang! Pre-battle scars...

Yellowfang is a battle-scarred dark gray she-cat with a broad, flattened face, torn ears, and large, bright orange eyes.

Current: ThunderClan

Past: ShadowClan

Status: Deceased Cause of Death: Smoke Inhalation

Residence: StarClan

Rank: Medicine Cat (previously a Warrior)


Kit- Yellowkit

Apprentice- Yellowpaw

Warrior- Yellowfang

Medicine Cat Apprentice- Yellowfang

Rogue- Yellowfang

Medicine Cat- Yellowfang


Mate- Raggedstar (formerly)

Son- Brokentail

Daughters- Yellowfang's Unnamed Kit, Yellowfang's Second Unnamed Kit

Mother- Brightflower

Father- Brackenfoot

Brothers- Nutwhisker, Mintkit

Sisters- Rowanberry, Marigoldkit


Mentor- Sagewhisker

Apprentices- Runningnose, Cinderpelt


In the Super Edition Series

Yellowfang's Secret

Nothing is known, only that the book will revolve around her.

Bluestar's Prophecy

When Raggedpelt is made deputy, Bluestar sees her cheering loudly.

At another gathering, Yellowfang is announced as Sagewhisker's apprentice.

Firestar's Quest

Yellowfang doesn't appear, but, the way Skywatcher eats reminds Sandstorm and Firestar of the way Yellowfang ate.

In the Original Series

Into the Wild

Firepaw came across Yellowfang trying to hunt in ThunderClan territory after being exiled from ShadowClan. The two fight with each other. Firepaw takes pity on Yellowfang and gives her some prey. He breaks The Warrior Code and eats with her. A ThunderClan patrol comes across the two and take Yellowfang hostage. Firepaw's punishment for breaking the Warrior Code is to take care of Yellowfang. At a gathering, Brokenstar tells everyone how dangerous Yellowfang is to kits. Clawface later raids the camp, kills Spottedleaf, and takes Frostfur's kits. Yellowfang runs away leaving the clan to think that she took the kits and killed Spottedleaf. Graypaw and Firepaw are sent to find Yellowfang. They, along with a ThunderClan patrol, Yellowfang, and some ShadowClan cats get the kits back and drive Brokenstar out, but not before Yellowfang finds out that Brokenstar killed Raggedstar. Once they are back at ThunderClan camp, Yellowfang becomes the ThunderClan medicine cat because their medicine cat, Spottedleaf, was dead.

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